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    Evaluation of the Paratrend 7 intravascular blood gas monitor during cardiac surgery: comparison with the C4000 in-line blood gas monitor during cardiopulmonary bypass.

    Venkatesh B, Clutton-Brock TH, Hendry SP 
    J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth 1995 Aug; 9(4) :412-9.

    To evaluate the performance of the Paratrend 7 intravascular blood gas monitor (Biomedical Sensors, High Wycombe, UK, Ltd) during cardiac surgery and compare it with that of an in-line blood gas monitor placed in the arterial limb of an extracorporeal circuit during cardiopulmonary bypass.A prospective study. Consecutive patient enrolment.In the cardiac surgical intensive care units at a tertiary referral center.Insertion of the Paratrend 7 intravascular sensor through the radial arterial catheter after induction of anesthesia.Simultaneous measurements of pH, PCO2, and PO2 were made from the sensor and the blood gas analyzer, and the bias and precision were calculated on all the measured parameters. The bias and precision of the intravascular sensor during bypass for pH, PCO2, and PO2 were 0.01 and 0.06 pH units, 0.5 and 2.5 mmHg (2% and 8%), and 3 and 45 torr (0.5% and 14%), respectively. The bias and precision for the prebypass and the postbypass phases were comparable. The bias and precision of the extracorporeal monitor for pH, PCO2, and PO2 were 0.04 and 0.1 pH units, -0.3 and 4 mmHg (-1% and 15%) and 8 and 48 mmHg (4 and 18%), respectively. There were no instances of any complications attributable to the intravascular sensor.The intravascular sensor used in this study functioned well during cardiopulmonary bypass and the postbypass phase. The performance of the intravascular sensor was better than the in-line blood gas monitor during cardiopulmonary bypass.

    Bias (Epidemiology)
    Blood Gas Analysis
    Body Temperature
    Carbon Dioxide
    Cardiac Surgical Procedures
    Cardiopulmonary Bypass
    Catheterization, Peripheral
    Equipment Design
    Evaluation Studies as Topic
    Extracorporeal Circulation
    Hydrogen-Ion Concentration
    Middle Aged
    Monitoring, Intraoperative
    Prospective Studies
    Sensitivity and Specificity


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