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    Distally based adipofascial flaps for dorsal foot and ankle soft tissue defects.

    Suliman MT 
    J Foot Ankle Surg 2007 Nov-Dec; 46(6) :464-9.

    Soft tissue defects of the dorsal foot and ankle are difficult to reconstruct because the contour of the foot must be maintained for shoe fitting. The adipofascial flap, covered with a skin graft, is a suitable method of reconstruction that fulfills this important requirement. Twelve patients with soft tissue defects of the dorsal foot and at the ankle were treated in our unit with this method. Ten (83%) were children, 2 (17%) were adults. All defects were due to road traffic accidents. Three (25%) patients were women; 9 (75%) were men. The right foot was affected in 10 (83.4%) patients, with 2 (16.6%) patients having the left foot involved. The flaps used were the peroneal artery perforator flap (distally based lateral adipofascial flap) in 9 (75%) patients, the superficial sural artery flap in 2 patients (17%), and the posterior tibial artery perforator flap (distally based medial adipofascial flap) in 1 patient (8%). All flaps were successful, providing adequate contour of the foot for wearing ordinary shoes. There were 2 partial skin graft necroses, and, in 1 patient, the tips of the donor site skin flaps were necrosed. In conclusion, the distally based adipofascial flap, covered with skin graft, is a suitable method for reconstruction of soft tissue loss of the dorsal foot and ankle and provides optimum functional and aesthetic outcome with minimum donor site morbidity.

    Accidents, Traffic
    Adipose Tissue
    Ankle Injuries
    Child, Preschool
    Follow-Up Studies
    Foot Injuries
    Graft Survival
    Reconstructive Surgical Procedures
    Skin Transplantation
    Soft Tissue Injuries
    Surgical Flaps
    Treatment Outcome


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