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    Spermatic cord abscess with concurrent prostatic abscess involving the seminal vesicle.

    Machida H, Ueno E, Nakazawa H, et al. 
    Radiat Med 2008 Feb; 26(2) :81-3.

    Prostatic abscess involving the seminal vesicle has become rare following the development of effective antibiotic treatments. To our knowledge, we report the first case in the English-language literature of a patient with a spermatic cord abscess and a concurrent prostatic abscess. We examined an 81-year-old man for swelling and pain in the left inguinal region and performed computed tomography (CT) that later confirmed the suspected diagnosis of left inguinal hernial strangulation. We performed urgent surgical drainage of a left spermatic cord abscess; and under the correct diagnosis by CT, he was successfully treated further with antibiotics and transperineal drainage of a prostatic abscess extending to the seminal vesicle. We highlight that familiarity with such a rare condition is overwhelmingly essential for patient management and that CT is the most valuable imaging procedure for diagnosing such cases.

    Aged, 80 and over
    Anti-Bacterial Agents
    Contrast Media
    Diagnosis, Differential
    Escherichia coli Infections
    Genital Diseases, Male
    Hernia, Inguinal
    Prostatic Diseases
    Radiographic Image Enhancement
    Rare Diseases
    Seminal Vesicles
    Spermatic Cord
    Tomography, X-Ray Computed
    Ultrasonography, Interventional


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    Case Reports Journal Article
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