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    Sexual violence and use of contraception among women with unwanted pregnancy in an Ngo Clinic, Addis Ababa.

    Dessalegn S, Kumbi S, Surur F 
    Ethiop Med J 2008 Oct; 46(4) :325-33.

    Sexual violence is one of the most prevalent but underreported incidents. One among many consequences of sexual violence is unwanted pregnancy.To describe events related to and factors associated with sexual violence among women with unwanted pregnancy and describe knowledge and use of contraception among these women with unwanted pregnancy.This cross-sectional study was done at one NGO clinic in Addis Ababa. Data was collected from women with unwanted pregnancy seeking termination of pregnancy using a structured questionnaire in March 2003. Sociodemographic variables were analyzed with selected variables related to sexual violence, knowledge and practice of contraception among these women seeking termination of pregnancy.Of the 394 women seeking termination of pregnancy, there was unwelcome kiss in 26.9%, attempted rape in 23.9% and completed rape in 18.3%. Most, 63/72 (87.5%), of the victims of completed rape were below 25 years of age. A linear trend was observed with increasing age (P < 0.05, X2 = 24.365). Unmarried and economically dependent groups were more vulnerable to rape related pregnancy, P < 0.05. Only 18/72 (25%) reported to the police. Psychological problems were common in women with completed rape. Suicidal thoughts was reported by 8/72 (11%). Only 84/394 (21.3%) used contraceptives of which 29/84 (34.5%) used emergency contraceptives.Unwanted pregnancy as a result of rape was observed more in younger, unmarried and economically dependent women. Use of contraception including emergency contraception, reporting to legal authorities and health professionals was low.

    Abortion, Induced
    Cross-Sectional Studies
    Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
    Pregnancy, Unwanted
    Risk Factors
    Socioeconomic Factors
    Young Adult


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