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    Gang youth as a vulnerable population for nursing intervention.

    Sanders B, Schneiderman JU, Loken A, et al. 
    Public Health Nurs 2009 Jul-Aug; 26(4) :346-52.

    Gang youth often come from socially and economically marginalized communities. Such youth report significantly higher rates of participation in violence, substance use, and risky sexual behaviors than their nongang peers.This manuscript argues that gang-identified youth constitute a vulnerable population.Data are drawn from the general research literature and a case example of how a nurse in Los Angeles partnered with law enforcement to provide preventive health care to gang youth and youth at-risk for joining gangs.Gang youth are a vulnerable population amenable to nursing intervention. Gang youth may have particular health care needs and may need special access to health care.

    Adolescent Behavior
    Health Education
    Health Status Disparities
    Healthcare Disparities
    Juvenile Delinquency
    Los Angeles
    Needs Assessment
    Nurse's Role
    Nursing Evaluation Research
    Peer Group
    Public Health Nursing
    Sexual Behavior
    Socioeconomic Factors
    Substance-Related Disorders
    United States
    Vulnerable Populations


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