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    Clinical findings and treatment in 63 cows with haemorrhagic bowel syndrome.

    Braun U, Schmid T, Muggli E, et al. 
    Schweiz Arch Tierheilkd 2010 Nov; 152(11) :515-22.

    The clinical, haematological and biochemical findings, treatment and outcome of 63 cows with haemorrhagic bowel syndrome are described. The general condition and demeanor were moderately to severely abnormal in all the cows. Signs of colic occurred in 27 cows, decreased rectal temperature in 46 and tachycardia in 44. With the exception of one cow, intestinal motility was decreased or absent. Transrectal palpation revealed dilatation of the rumen in 47 cows and dilatation of the small intestine in 18. Faecal output was markedly reduced or absent, and the faeces were dark brown to black and contained blood. Nine cows were euthanized immediately after physical examination. Conservative medical therapy was instituted in two cows; however, both were euthanized a few days later because of deterioration in condition. Exploratory right flank laparotomy was carried out in 52 cows. Of these, 22 were euthanized intraoperatively because of severe lesions. In 27 cows, intestinal massage to reduce the size of blood clots was carried out; 11 were euthanized several days postoperatively because of deterioration in condition. In three other cows, intestinal resection was carried out and all survived. Of the 63 cows, 19 (30.2%) survived and were healthy at the time of discharge from the clinic.

    Cattle Diseases
    Gastrointestinal Motility
    Intestinal Diseases
    Intestine, Small


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