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    Airsacculitis in turkeys exposed to Mycoplasma synoviae membranes.

    Rhoades KR 
    Avian Dis 1987 Oct-Dec; 31(4) :855-60.

    In studies to investigate the pathogenesis of mycoplasmal airsacculitis, exudative lesions were produced in turkeys by intra-air-sac inoculation with Mycoplasma synoviae cell membranes and viable organisms. Membrane inocula containing 5 mg of protein produced more severe lesions than inocula containing either 2.5 mg or 1 mg protein. Turkeys exposed to 5 mg of membrane protein developed moderately severe airsacculitis; those exposed to viable organisms developed markedly severe airsacculitis. Microscopic examinations revealed that membrane-induced lesions were generally similar to those resulting from infection but were less severe. At the termination of the study, 8 days after exposure, M. synoviae was isolated from respiratory tract tissues of all turkeys exposed to live organisms, but it was not isolated from any of those exposed to membranes or from unexposed control turkeys. Antibody against M. synoviae was demonstrated with the tube agglutination test in sera from turkeys exposed to membranes and those exposed to live organisms, but it was not demonstrated in sera from unexposed control turkeys.

    Air Sacs
    Cell Membrane
    Mycoplasma Infections
    Poultry Diseases
    Respiratory Tract Infections


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