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    Determinants of turnover among nursing department employees.

    Curry JP, Wakefield DS, Price JL, et al. 
    Res Nurs Health 1985 Dec; 8(4) :397-411.

    A causal model of turnover, or quitting, among hospital nursing department employees was evaluated. This model includes job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and intent to leave as intervening variables that mediate 13 determinants of turnover. The sample consisted of 841 female nursing department employees selected from five hospitals in a western state. Attitudinal and background data were obtained through a mail questionnaire survey, and turnover was monitored for 18 months following the survey. Intent to leave had a strong direct effect on turnover while kinship responsibility, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment had indirect effects on turnover through intent to leave. Task repetitiveness, autonomy, promotional opportunities, and fairness of rewards were important determinants of jobs satisfaction and thus provide a mechanism whereby hospital management may enhance commitment to the organization while reducing turnover.

    Job Satisfaction
    Models, Theoretical
    Nursing Service, Hospital
    Nursing Staff, Hospital
    Personnel Loyalty
    Personnel Management
    Personnel Turnover
    Regression Analysis
    United States


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    Journal Article Research Support, U.S. Gov't, P.H.S.
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