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    The debate over diagnosis related groups.

    Spiegel AD, Kavaler F 
    J Community Health 1985; 10(2) :81-92.

    With the advent of the Prospective Payment System (PPS) using Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs) as a classification method, the pros and cons of that mechanism have been sharply debated. Grouping the comments into categories related to administration/management, DRG system and quality of care, a review of relevant literature highlights the pertinent attitudes and views of professionals and organizations. Points constantly argued include data utilization, meaningful medical classifications, resource use, gaming, profit centers, patient homogeneity, severity of illness, length of stay, technology limitations and the erosion of standards.

    Attitude of Health Personnel
    Diagnosis-Related Groups
    Evaluation Studies as Topic
    Financial Management
    Financial Management, Hospital
    Prospective Payment System
    Quality of Health Care
    Reimbursement Mechanisms
    United States


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    Journal Article
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