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    Using Orem's theory in transcultural settings: a critique.

    Roberson MR, Kelley JH 
    Nurs Forum 1996 Jul-Sep; 31(3) :22-8.

    An overview of the theory describes its component parts and concepts as well as the premises and assumptions upon which the theory is based. The authors explore the compatibility and usefulness of Orem's theory with non-Western or minority Western non-Anglo values and belief systems. A literature review of studies and experiences using Orem's theory in a variety of cultures is presented and discussed. The authors conclude that Orem's theory must be supplemented or replaced by one less culturebound for use with cultures differing from the dominant Western culture.

    Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
    Nursing Evaluation Research
    Nursing Theory
    Reproducibility of Results
    Self Care
    Transcultural Nursing


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    Journal Article Review
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