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    Porcelain to dentin bond strength with a dentin adhesive.


    Tseng EY, Cooley RL, Evans JG 


    J Esthet Dent 1992 Jul-Aug; 4(4) :131-3.


    Adhesion of porcelain to dentin may be important in those cases with little remaining enamel. The purpose of this study was to determine the bond strength of porcelain to dentin using a dentin adhesive (All-Bond) and compare it to the enamel bond strength. Sixty human molar teeth had either a dentin or enamel bonding site prepared by flat grinding to a 600 grit. The teeth were divided into three groups of 20 each. Sixty porcelain cylinders were prepared, hydrofluoric acid etched on one end and silane treated. Twenty of the cylinders were bonded to enamel, 20 bonded to dentin with a dentin adhesive to be tested at 48 hours, and 20 bonded to dentin with a dentin adhesive to be tested after 24 hours of thermocycling (800 cycles at 6 degrees C to 60 degrees C). The specimens were tested in an Instron at a crosshead speed of 0.5 mm/minute. The following bond strengths were found: enamel (19.0 +/- 2.9 MPa), dentin at 48 hours (14.4 +/- 5.4 MPa), and dentin after thermocycling (10.1 +/- 3.8 MPa). When this data was subjected to statistical analysis (ANOVA), there was a significant difference between the groups. A Scheffe's test found that the dentin-porcelain bond at 48 hours was stronger than the thermocycled group, and that the enamel bond was significantly stronger than the two dentin bonds.


    Analysis of Variance
    Composite Resins
    Dental Bonding
    Dental Enamel
    Dental Porcelain
    Dentin-Bonding Agents
    Materials Testing
    Tensile Strength



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