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    Psychometric properties of the Marlowe-Crowne social desirability scale with adult male sexual offenders.


    Tatman AW, Swogger MT, Love K, et al. 


    Sex Abuse 2009 Mar; 21(1) :21-34.


    This research project investigates the factor structure, reliability, and validity of the Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale (MCSDS) when used with a sample of convicted, adult male sexual offenders. Results confirm the two-factor structure (Denial and Attribution) originally proposed by the authors (Study 1, n = 247). Results also reveal that the full-scale MCSDS has strong internal consistency estimates (Study 1), discriminant and convergent validity (Study 2, n = 91), and test-retest reliability over a 3-week period (Study 3, n = 74). Information is provided to aid evaluators' interpretation of MCSDS full-scale and factor scores when used with male adult sexual offenders.


    Factor Analysis, Statistical
    Forensic Psychiatry
    Internal-External Control
    Reproducibility of Results
    Self Concept
    Sex Offenses
    Social Desirability



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    Journal Article Validation Studies

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