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    Effect of calcium ions on rat osseous plate alkaline phosphatase activity.


    Leone FA, Ciancaglini P, Pizauro JM 


    J Inorg Biochem 1997 Nov 1; 68(2) :123-7.


    Rat osseous plate alkaline phosphatase is a metalloenzyme with two binding sites for Zn2+ (sites I and III) and one for Mg2+ (site II). This enzyme is stimulated synergistically by Zn2+ and Mg2+ (Ciancaglini et al., 1992) and also by Mn2+ (Leone et al., 1995) and Co2+ (Ciancaglini et al., 1995). This study was aimed to investigate the modulation of enzyme activity by Ca2+. In the absence of Zn2+ and Mg2+, Ca2+ had no effects on the activity of Chelex-treated, Polidocanol-solubilized enzyme. However, in the presence of 10 microM MgCl2, increasing concentration of Ca2+ were inhibitory, suggesting the displacement of Mg2+ from the magnesium-reconstituted enzyme. For calcium-reconstituted enzyme, Zn2+ concentrations up to 0.1 microM were stimulatory, increasing specific activity from 130 U/mg to about 240 U/mg with a K0.5 = 8.5 nM. Above 0.1 microM Zn2+ exerted a strong inhibitory effect and concentrations of Ca2+ up to 1 mM were not enough to counteract this inhibition, indicating that Ca2+ was easily displaced by Zn2+. At fixed concentrations of Ca2+, increasing concentrations of Mg2+ increased the enzyme specific activity from 472 U/mg to about 547 U/mg, but K0.5 values were significantly affected (from 4.4 microM to 38.0 microM). The synergistic effects observed for the activity of Ca2+ plus magnesium-reconstituted enzyme, suggested that these two ions bind to the different sites. A model to explain the effect of Ca2+ on the activity of the enzyme is presented.


    Alkaline Phosphatase
    Binding Sites
    Bone and Bones
    Dose-Response Relationship, Drug
    Models, Chemical
    Polyethylene Glycols



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