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(Journal of affective disorders[TA])
8,327 results
  • Neurocognition and psychosocial functioning in adolescents with bipolar disorder. [Journal Article]
  • JAJ Affect Disord 2016 Oct 11; 207:406-412
  • Best MW, Bowie CR, … Goldstein BI
  • CONCLUSIONS: Limited sample size did not allow for complex statistical analyses. Differences in demographic characteristics of the clinical and control groups may limit generalization of these results.This adolescent sample with bipolar disorder experiences significantly poorer neurocognitive and psychosocial functioning compared to controls; however, psychosocial functioning appears to be more strongly related to mood symptoms than to neurocognition. Future work is needed to delineate the time course of neurocognitive functioning and its relation to psychosocial functioning across the course of illness. Adolescence may provide an ideal time for cognitive enhancement and intensive psychosocial intervention.
  • The effect of depressive symptoms on social support one year following traumatic injury. [Journal Article]
  • JAJ Affect Disord 2016 Oct 11; 207:398-405
  • Agtarap S, Boals A, … Warren AM
  • CONCLUSIONS: Findings of the analyses are limited by lack of experimentation and inability to control for other related variables.Findings of the present study support the notion that initial depression predicts poorer social support in recovery, in lieu of prevailing theory (i.e., initial support buffers against later depression) in a sample of trauma patients. These findings highlight the need for medical staff to target specific factors during inpatient stay, such as addressing depressive symptoms and preparing family members and caregivers prior to discharge.
  • Exploring the risk factors of suicidal ideation among the seniors in Shandong, China: A path analysis. [Journal Article]
  • JAJ Affect Disord 2016 Sep 26; 207:393-397
  • Ge D, Sun L, … Medina A
  • CONCLUSIONS: The data used in this study was cross-sectional, and the relationship between identified factors and suicidal ideation cannot be interpreted as cause-effect.Depression was the strongest influencing factor of suicidal ideation among the elderly, followed by life satisfaction, economic status. Active intervention measures focusing on the depression screening and treatment both in urban and rural communities should be taken to prevent suicide.
  • 1H-magnetic resonance spectroscopy study of glutamate-related abnormality in bipolar disorder. [Journal Article]
  • JAJ Affect Disord 2016 Oct 8; 208:139-144
  • Kubo H, Nakataki M, … Ohmori T
  • CONCLUSIONS: The present findings are cross-sectional and metabolites were measured in only two regions.Our results support a wide range of metabolite changes in patients with BD involved in glutamatergic neurotransmission, membrane turnover, and neuronal integrity. Moreover, the elevation of Gln/Glu ratio suggested that hyperactivity of glutamatergic neurotransmission in the ACC is a disease marker for BD.
  • The impact of a student's suicide: Teachers' perspectives. [Journal Article]
  • JAJ Affect Disord 2016 Oct 5; 207:276-281
  • Kõlves K, Ross V, … De Leo D
  • CONCLUSIONS: The potential for selection bias through the use of an online survey, and the relatively small sample.The study showed high levels of distress among teachers after exposure to a student's suicide and greater need for help than that obtained.
  • Trait liabilities and specific promotive processes in psychopathology: The example of suicidal behavior. [Journal Article]
  • JAJ Affect Disord 2016 Oct 1
  • Buchman-Schmitt JM, Brislin SJ, … Patrick CJ
  • CONCLUSIONS: The sample was relatively small and the data were cross-sectional, limiting conclusions that can be drawn from the mediation analyses.Given prior research documenting neurophysiological as well as psychological bases to these trait dispositions, the current work sets the stage for an intensive RDoC-oriented investigation of suicidal tendencies in which both traits and suicide-promoting processes are quantified using indicators from different domains of measurement. More broadly, this work illustrates how an RDoC research approach can contribute to a nuanced understanding of specific clinical problems, through consideration of how general biobehavioral liabilities interface with distinct problem-promoting processes.
  • Cost-effectiveness of brexpiprazole adjunctive treatment for major depressive disorder. [Journal Article]
  • JAJ Affect Disord 2016 Sep 20; 207:54-62
  • Sussman M, Yu J, … Aigbogun MS
  • CONCLUSIONS: This representation of disease natural history over 48 weeks may not account for all possible health states. Resource utilization on treatment was estimated using the resource use data from previous trials, and may overestimate medical costs compared to the real-world setting. Treatment comparators were limited to branded therapies, and head-to-head studies were not available to obtain data inputs.Compared to other branded adjunctive therapies, brexpiprazole increases response and remission at 6 weeks; medical care cost savings were observed with the use of brexpiprazole. These findings may assist clinicians and formulary decision makers when selecting treatment for MDD.
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