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(urinary retention) articles in PubMed
13,312 results
  • Bladder rupture secondary to emphysematous bladder: A diabetic patient report. [Journal Article]
  • Ann Phys Rehabil Med 2016; 59S:e106AP
  • Balança A
  • CONCLUSIONS: In addition to emphysematous cystitis being rare, combining with cystitis and air in the bladder wall elevates the severeness. Clinical symptoms severeness is stage-dependent. The presence of the pneumaturia should eliminate differential diagnosis of rectovesical fistula. The association of bladder rupture adds to the complication. It mainly affects older females [1]. The predisposing factors are diabetes and urinary stasis (neurogenic bladder, chronic urinary retention). The most common bacteria are Escherichia coli (58%) and K. pneumoniae (21%). The fermentation of glucose to formic acid during the breathing of bacteria forms carbon dioxide. [2] The CT scan is the first line of investigation, which shows aeric hypodensities and the extension of the lesions. [3] Treatment focuses on parenteral antibiotic therapy with surgical intervention. Despite the 20% mortality rate, outcomes were favorable in most cases. The underlying cause of emphysematous cystitis and its catastrophic consequences affecting the urinary tract necessitates both of urological follow-up and rehabilitation.
  • Urinary self-catheterization for the elderly: Predictors for the success of the learning gesture. [Journal Article]
  • Ann Phys Rehabil Med 2016; 59S:e103AP
  • Hentzen C, Verrando A, … Amarenco G
  • CONCLUSIONS: If two studies [1,2] had previously evaluated adherence to self-catheterization according to age with conflicting results, none assessed intermittent learning gesture. A BMI>30kg/m(2) is an unfavorable factor for the acquisition of gesture, as a PP low test and a low MIF. On the other hand, age, gender, pathology or cognitive disorders should not therefore contraindicate self-catheterization for the elderly, in case of a medical treatment indication.
  • Detection of Trichomonas vaginalis in prostate tissue and serostatus in patients with asymptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia. [Journal Article]
  • BMC Infect Dis 2016; 16(1):506BI
  • Iqbal J, Al-Rashed J, Kehinde EO
  • CONCLUSIONS: Our study documents T. vaginalis DNA and T. vaginalis antigen in 24.6 and 21.6 % respectively in the prostate tissue of the BPH cases. We also detected a relatively higher seropositivity rate for antibodies to T. vaginalis both in the BPH cases and in normal control group, 31 and 26.9 % respectively but no significant association was observed between BPH and T. vaginalis serostatus or presence of T. vaginalis DNA in the prostate tissue. Further epidemiological and case-controlled studies are needed to focus on local response to chronic asymptomatic retention of T. vaginalis in prostate tissue in the development of benign prostate hyperplasia.
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