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Unbound Medicine and PocketMedicine Extend Partnership with New PDA, Web, & Wireless Products

Charlottesville, VA, April 29, 2005 — Unbound Medicine, a leading provider of information resources for healthcare providers, and PocketMedicine.com, a leading publisher of PDA reference works for physicians, announced their agreement to release select PocketMedicine references to be delivered on Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), on the Web, and via wireless devices. The Manual of Anesthesia Practice and Pocket ICU Management are the first of a number of titles that Unbound Medicine will license over the next two years. They are being released as key components of Unbound Medicine’s new product bundle, Anesthesia Central.

Like all of PocketMedicine’s products The Manual of Anesthesia Practice and Pocket ICU Management are designed and written exclusively for electronic delivery to handheld devices. The result is concise content built to deliver quick answers for clinicians and optimized for display on small screens. The Manual of Anesthesia Practice has been written by the members and staff of the well known department of Anesthesia at the University of California, San Francisco, under the leadership of Ronald D. Miller; Pocket ICU Management has been edited by J. Christopher Farmer and Michael H. Wall. Both products focus on the day-to-day information that anesthesiologists and critical care specialists need for patient care.

“Because PocketMedicine’s authors are working with the end goal of providing answers to clinical questions, their material is perfect for delivery using Unbound’s PDA, Web, and Wireless platform, “ said William Detmer, MD, president and CEO of Unbound Medicine. “We are pleased to see our partnership expand to include these outstanding products.”

“Unbound Medicine’s platform and visionary product configuration will deliver our content to clinicians wherever and whenever they need it,” said Lewis Reines, President and CEO of PocketMedicine.com. “Our goal from the start has been to meet the needs of healthcare providers on the go. Now a single purchase will bring critical information to anesthesiologists using a PDA, the Web, or wireless devices such as Treo, Blackberry, or Smartphones. It’s an exciting time to extend our partnership.”

In addition to the two PocketMedicine titles, Anesthesia Central includes a leading drug reference, a handy diagnostic test manual, and MEDLINE literature tracking and searching. For more information visit the Unbound Medicine online store.

About PocketMedicine.com
PocketMedicine.com was founded in August of 2000 by Lewis Reines, a medical publisher with long experience in editorial and executive positions in the medical publishing business. It was his view that the increasing use of handheld devices by healthcare professionals created a tremendous new growth area for medical publishing, but that content written expressly for the handheld platform would be required to capture the opportunity. Additional information is available at www.pocketmedicine.com.

About Unbound Medicine, Inc.
Unbound Medicine, Inc. develops next-generation knowledge management systems for healthcare. The company’s handheld, wireless and Web-based technology platform and information architecture services help partners provide healthcare professionals with advanced systems for acquiring, managing, and sharing knowledge. Additional information is available at: http://www.unboundmedicine.com.


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