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Unbound Medicine and Facts and Comparisons partner to Bring Leading Drug Reference to the Point of Care

Charlottesville, VA, December 7, 2001 — Unbound Medicine, Inc. and Facts and Comparisons today announced the launch of A to Z Drug Facts on CogniQ™, the leading platform for personal knowledge management on mobile electronic devices. This makes a premier source of drug information available anytime, anywhere to healthcare professionals using handheld computers. With CogniQ’s unique Web integration and communications technology, it also enables clinicians to capture the questions that arise daily at the point of care, and to answer these with in-depth resources on the World Wide Web.

Unbound Medicine will distribute A to Z Drug Facts as a new channel on the CogniQ platform, providing current, accurate, unbiased drug information, including dosage and interaction data, from one of the most trusted sources in medical publishing. More than 200,000 U.S. healthcare professionals already depend on Facts and Comparisons’ publications in traditional media. With its publication on CogniQ, A to Z Drug Facts now becomes more widely available on the mobile devices used by rapidly increasing numbers of healthcare professionals.

CogniQ is the first and only knowledge management solution that’s been optimized for medical publishers, information providers, and healthcare professionals. As clinicians strive to keep pace with an ever-accelerating flow of information, CogniQ enables them to find information quickly and easily, anytime, anywhere. It also helps clinicians capture questions that arise, on average, once in every two patient encounters, and to transmit these to the Web for response.

CogniQ enables medical publishers and information providers to leverage their content assets into the fast-growing handheld medium, speeding their entry into this field and maximizing market share.

With its launch on CogniQ, A to Z Drug Facts further broadens the range of content provided by Unbound Medicine. Additional mobile resources distributed by the company, and offered for inclusion in partners’ packages, include MEDLINE Journals, MedWeaver™ Disease Profiles, Clinical Practice Guidelines, Unbound Surgery, and other clinical resources.

"We’re delighted to work with Facts and Comparisons in delivering critical information to the point of care," said Jay Katzen, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development of Unbound Medicine. "A to Z Drug Facts is an excellent resource. By providing the right answer at the right time and place, it will help clinicians reduce adverse drug events and enhance patient care."

"At Facts and Comparisons, our mission is to deliver objective, reliable, timely information to the healthcare professional, when and where they need it," said Robert Brown, Director of Sales and Marketing of Facts and Comparisons. "That’s why we’re so pleased to partner with Unbound Medicine. They understand this mission, and know how to extend it into the new world of mobile electronics."

Facts and Comparisons (www.factsandcomparisons.com) is the most trusted provider of current, accurate and unbiased drug information for healthcare professionals. For more than 50 years, healthcare professionals have relied on Drug Facts and Comparisons® as their first-line drug information source. To meet evolving healthcare demands for electronic clinical drug information resources, Facts and Comparisons provides its drug information library via CD-ROM, Internet and intranet applications and integratable databases in addition to the bound publications and updated loose-leaf references that have been the accepted standard for many years. Facts & Comparisons is a Wolters Kluwer International Health Science company.

Unbound Medicine, Inc. (www.unboundmedicine.com), a leader in the development of next-generation knowledge management systems, revolutionizes the creation, utilization, and dissemination of medical information. Unbound Medicine’s handheld and Web-based technology platform and product suite help partners provide clinicians immediate, authoritative, and accurate answers to medical questions, wh


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