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DiagnosaurusPrintWelcome to Diagnosaurus
A McGraw-Hil Professional Product
Powered by Unbound Medicine

   Diagnosaurus includes:
  • 1000+ Differential Diagnoses
  • Explore by disease, symptom, or organ system
  • Authoritative, on-the-spot reference
  • Indispensable for use on rounds
  • Cross-linked to related entries by way of "See related DDx" feature
Author:   Roni F. Zeiger, MD Publisher:   

System Requirements: You must meet the following system requirements to use the product.

Palm OS (Windows and Mac)

  • Palm OS 5 or later
  • 1MB of handheld memory
  • Memory Cards Supported
  • Palm HotSync Manager 4.2 or later (6.2 or later for MS Vista)
  • Windows PC or Mac OS X with Internet Connection
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Windows Mobile
  • Windows Mobile (All platforms)
  • 1MB of handheld memory
  • ActiveSync 4.0 or later (Win XP or earlier)
  • Memory Cards Supported
  • Windows PC with internet connection
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  • BlackBerry Pearl,Curve, or 8800 series phone
  • Memory card for your phone (required)
  • Data plan from your wireless carrier (Carrier charges may apply. An unlimited data plan is recommended.)
  • 1MB of handheld memory
  • Download now!
iPhone 3G, iPhone and iPod touch
  • iPhone 2.0 Software update
  • Data plan or on-device WiFi
  • (Carrier charges may apply. An unlimited data plan is recommended)
  • 1 Mb of handheld memory
  • Purchase and download App for $0.99
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General Featurestop

The following descriptions are of the Palm OS version of Diagnosaurus.
Features of the Windows Mobile version are similar.

Diagnosaurus is also available for BlackBerry. Click here for the BlackBerry User Guide.

Handheld : Launch the ApplicationOn the handheld's Home screen, tap on the Application icon. Handheld : Common IconsThe Unbound reader has a number of useful features that can be utilized by tapping the respective icon.

Handheld : NavigationTo find an entry quickly and avoid having to scroll through an entire index, use the Jump To feature. To access this feature, start typing the word you want to find. The cursor will automatically move to the correct entry as you type.

Handheld : Bookmarks

To create a Bookmark, tap the icon found at the top of the PDA screen. When the drop-down window appears, select "Add Bookmark" to save your selection.

To return to a Bookmarked page, tap the and simply select the desired Bookmark. A checkbox will appear next to the Bookmarked page you are currently viewing.

To remove a Bookmark, you must first select that Bookmark from your list. Tap the icon again. When the drop-down window appears, select "Remove Bookmark".


McGraw-Hill's Diagnosaurus, powered by Unbound Medicine, includes four indexes to help you find the information you need: "All entries", "Organ System", "Symptoms" and "Diseases". Entries in each index are available in alphabetical order.

Diagnosaurus Medicine: Select an Index
You can switch between indexes by using the drop-down list men and selecting an index.Diagnosaurus : Select an Entry
To find an entry quickly, enter its name on the "Jump to" line. To select an entry choose its title. You can scroll through the list of entries by using the Previous/Next Page arrows at the bottom of the display. Diagnosaurus : Reading a Record To make for easier reading, each topic is divided into separate pages. To see the list of pages, use the drop-down menu. In addition, it is possible to scroll through the pages using the "Next/Previous Page" arrows or tapping in the upper/lower half of the content area.
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