System Requirements

Unbound Medicine applications work on iPhone® and iPod touch® devices running OS 3.0 or later. For specific memory requirements, please see the User Guide for the product you are installing.

Installation Steps

Downloading the application
Begin by downloading the Mobile MerckMedicus application from the iPhone App store. You can do this directly on your iPhone or through the iTunes program installed on your PC or Mac account. From either starting point, search for "MerckMedicus".

Once you find the product, click Install.

Getting Around

Launching the Application

If you have already registered for a Mobile MerckMedicus account through Merck, simply enter your Username and Password and tap the Login button.
If you would like to register for an account or if you have further questions, tap the Learn More button to access more information.

Home Screen

The Home screen displays your selected content. To open a content resource, tap the desired entry in the list.

Content Resources


We recommend that you sync your device often to ensure that you have the most up-to-date content. Once you arrive at the Mobile MerckMedicus home screen, you can sync by tapping the sync icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Jump To

To find an entry quickly and avoid having to scroll through an entire index, use the Jump To feature. Tap the "Jump to..." textbox located just above the main index and the keyboard will appear. Next, start typing the word you want to find. The cursor will automatically move to the part of the index that matches the characters you type.


The Unbound platform allows you to signify important information as a Favorite so you can return to it easily at any time. To view a list of the records you’ve marked as a favorite, return to the Mobile MerckMedicus home screen and tap the Favorites entry at the top of your list of resources.

To create a Favorite, first navigate to the record you would like to mark. Once there, press the star icon found in the tool bar at the bottom of the screen. A second menu will appear with the options, Add to Favorites and Cancel. Select Add Favorites to save your selection.

To remove a Favorite, select the record from your list and tap the star icon again. When the second menu appears, select Remove from Favorites.


Unbound Medicine’s CrossLinks feature enables you to access desired information across your Mobile MerckMedicus content.

This feature will only appear when linked resources are available. If linked resources are available, you will see the CrossLinks icon (opposite pointing arrows) appear in the tool bar at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the icon and you will be presented with a new screen which lists all available CrossLinks. The icon appearing next to each entry identifies the linked resource. To return to the original resource, use the back arrow in the upper left-hand corner.

Selecting a Resource

The Mobile MerckMedicus home screen displays a list of your currently selected content. To open a resource, select the entry in the list. You may edit your subscriptions by logging in to the Merck web application using your desktop PC or Mac browser.

Reminder: The Unbound reader works with iPhone’s navigation functionality to help you quickly locate the information you need:

  • Drag the touchscreen up or down to scroll
  • When viewing images, slide your fingers either together or apart on the screen to zoom in or out
  • Alphabetical indexes will list the alphabet along the right side of the screen. Tap a letter to jump to entries beginning with that letter
  • To follow your path backwards, use the button in the upper left-hand corner. The button will display the name of the previous screen.
  • To return to the Home screen, tap the Home icon in the tool bar.

Selecting an Index

Many resources within Mobile MerckMedicus are organized by multiple indexes, all of which you will find displayed in a list. To select a particular index, simply tap its title.

Selecting an Entry

To find an entry quickly, use the touchscreen to scroll or the "Jump to" feature as described above. To select an entry, tap its title.

Viewing a Record

Depending on the content, multiple subsections may be available when viewing a record. To jump to a particular subsection, click the Sections icon at the top right-hand corner to see a list of available subsections. Tap the desired subsection and you will arrive at that section of the topic. The section you are currently viewing will be highlighted in yellow. To return to the record page, use the back button. To select a new page simply tap its title.

Current Awareness Resources

Types of Current Awareness Resources

MEDLINE Journals

Mobile MerckMedicus provides you with citations and abstracts for the current issue of over 300 medical journals that are searchable on MEDLINE. You are first provided with a selection of available journals that may be of interest. You then have the option of editing your journal list as you wish.

Please note that adding more journals will require more memory on your mobile device and will increase your synchronization time.

*Required memory: approximately 15 KB per journal

MEDLINE Journals : Creating your own Journal list

Several journals are pre-selected for you at the time of registration. To customize this list, login to Mobile MerckMedicus on the Web and go to the Handheld Settings section. Next, check the box next to the journals you would like to add and uncheck the box next to journals you no longer want.

Finally, click the Update button.

Medicus eWatch

The Medicus eWATCH feature allows you to create and save MEDLINE searches and have the latest results for those searches downloaded to your mobile device. Each night, Medicus eWATCH automatically looks for new content based on the searches you have created. When new content is available, it is sent to your mobile device when you synchronize.

Although searches are executed nightly, you will see changes only when new content is available. When new content has been retrieved, an asterisk will precede the eWATCH name. In addition, the date of your most recent content update automatically appears after each search.

Creating an eWatch Search

Use your Mobile MerckMedicus Web account to create your eWATCH searches. Two types of eWATCH searches are available: Self-Defined and Current Topic.

After synchronizing, your eWATCH searches will be listed on your device’s Mobile MerckMedicus Home screen. Tap on the eWATCH name to view its related content.

News Feeds

To help you keep up-to-date with breaking news and events, Mobile MerckMedicus provides subscriptions to various RSS news feeds. You can manage your subscriptions via the MerckMedicus web application.

To manage your subscriptions, login to your MerckMedicus account on the web, click the Mobile tab in the top navigation banner, and then follow the links to subscribe/unsubscribe from the various news feeds.

Navigating Current Awareness Resources

Selecting a Resource

Select a Resource

To choose a particular resource, select its title.

Selecting an Article

Select an Article

To select an available article, simply tap on the title.

Reading an Article

Read an Article

After selecting a particular title, you will arrive at the description screen. Here you will find a brief summary of the news feed followed by a web link. Simply click the link for access to more in-depth information (may require a subscription, depending on the publisher of the article).


Common Problems/FAQ

1. How do I update Mobile MerckMedicus™ on my iPhone®/iPod touch®?
To see if there is new data available, click on the sync button in Mobile MerckMedicus. Available updates will appear in the "Updates" section of the Apple® App StoreSM. Click on the product and the Update button to install the update.

2. I changed from a Palm/Windows Mobile/BlackBerry to an iPhone. How can I download
Mobile MerckMedicus ?
Mobile MerckMedicus is licensed for use on only one device. However, you can transfer your software to a new device if you are willing to remove it from your old device and you have an active (nonexpired) account for MerckMedicus.

  1. If you would like to install Mobile MerckMedicus on your iPhone:
  2. Download Mobile MerckMedicus from the Apple App Store.
  3. Install the application to your iPhone.
  4. Open the application and enter your user name and password when prompted.
  5. Contact the support team for MerckMedicus at 1-800-489-5119 to switch devices.
  6. Once installed to your iPhone, please remove Mobile MerckMedicus from your old device.

3. I had my account switched, but now when I open a record the program closes or returns to the main menu.

Remove the application from the iPhone/iPod Touch and reinstall. To do this:

1. Press and hold the application icon until all the icons begin to shake
2. Press the “x” on the Mobile MerckMedicus icon and press delete
3. Find the App Store icon on the device, open it and search for Mobile MerckMedicus
4. Download Mobile MerckMedicus iPhone application
5. When the download is complete enter your user name and password

4. How do I uninstall Mobile MerckMedicus?

To uninstall the software from your device, go to your Home screen and press and hold theicon for Mobile MerckMedicus. All of the icons on your Home screen will begin to shake and display an "x". Tap the "x" next to the icon for Mobile MerckMedicus to delete the application.

5. How can I determine how much memory is available on my device?

From your device’s home screen, select the Settings icon. Next, select the General entry, then the About entry. On the following screen, find the Capacity and Available entries. Capacity is the total amount of memory on your device, and Available is how much you have remaining.

6. Where can I learn more about using Mobile MerckMedicus on my iPhone/iPod touch device?

View the iPhone / iPod touch user guide for Mobile MerckMedicus at

Contacting Support

Technical experts are available to answer your questions Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 7 PM ET.

Please call us at: 1 - 800 - 489 - 5119

You’re welcome to leave a voicemail message after business hours; we’ll return your call by the end of the next business day. Or, please go to the Contact Us page on and fill in the form and click Submit.