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We have the expertise, support, and experience to deliver exceptional products, unbound.
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Our Mission

Innovating with Care

Driven by compassion and joy, Unbound Medicine innovates at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and education. Combining emerging technology, thoughtful guidance, and decades of expertise, we empower the healthcare community to provide the best care and improve lives.

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Our Mission in Action

Unbound Medicine’s commitment to advancing healthcare guides our work and partnerships. Through collaborative consultation with publishers, learning institutions, healthcare systems, and associations, we develop customized solutions to respond to their education and knowledge needs. Our digital platform provides a framework for professionals and learners at all stages to develop clinical knowledge, judgment, and confidence.

Digital Publishing

We enable the ongoing relationship between author and audience through our end-to-end platform and expert guidance.

Resources at the Point of Need

We provide mobile and web applications that deliver knowledge and learning tools to the healthcare community.

Customized Solutions

We leverage our company’s passion, talent, and technology to address the unique knowledge-sharing needs of each organization.

Our Values

Rooted in Integrity

Unbound Medicine is guided by our shared values of community, integrity, respect, and accountability.

We are committed to pursuing equity and justice at the nexus of healthcare, technology, and education — centering on people of color, women, economically disadvantaged communities, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, people with disabilities, and others who experience marginalization.

Our Values in Action

We continue to listen and refine our practices across Hiring and Employment, Education, Outreach, and Communication.


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