M35.81 - Multisystem inflammatory syndrome


M35.81 - Multisystem inflammatory syndrome


  • MIS-A
  • MIS-C
  • Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in adults
  • Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children
  • Pediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome
  • PIMS

Code First

  • , if applicable, COVID-19 (U07.1)

Code Also

  • any associated complications such as:
  • acute hepatic failure (K72.0-)
  • acute kidney failure (N17.-)
  • acute myocarditis (I40.-)
  • acute respiratory distress syndrome (J80)
  • cardiac arrhythmia (I47-I49.-)
  • pneumonia due to COVID-19 (J12.82)
  • severe sepsis (R65.2-)
  • viral cardiomyopathy (B33.24)
  • viral pericarditis (B33.23)

Use Additional Code

  • code, if applicable, for:
  • exposure to COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 infection (Z20.822)
  • personal history of COVID-19 (Z86.16)
  • post COVID-19 condition (U09.9)

Code Tree

M00-M99 - Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue
  • M30-M36 - Systemic connective tissue disorders
    • M35 - Other systemic involvement of connective tissue
      • M35.8 - Other specified systemic involvement of connective tissue
        • M35.81 - Multisystem inflammatory syndrome
        • M35.89 - Other specified systemic involvement of connective tissue

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