R45.1 - Restlessness and agitation


R45.1 - Restlessness and agitation

Code Tree

R00-R99 - Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified
  • R40-R46 - Symptoms and signs involving cognition, perception, emotional state and behavior
    • R45 - Symptoms and signs involving emotional state
      • R45.0 - Nervousness
      • R45.1 - Restlessness and agitation
      • R45.2 - Unhappiness
      • R45.3 - Demoralization and apathy
      • R45.4 - Irritability and anger
      • R45.5 - Hostility
      • R45.6 - Violent behavior
      • R45.7 - State of emotional shock and stress, unspecified
      • R45.8 - Other symptoms and signs involving emotional state

Map to ⑨

R45.1 converts approximately to ICD-9-CM:
  • 307.9 - Other and unspecified special symptoms or syndromes, not elsewhere classified
R45.1 - Restlessness and agitation is a sample topic from the ICD-10-CM.

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