G25.71 - Drug induced akathisia


G25.71 - Drug induced akathisia


  • Drug induced acathisia
  • Neuroleptic induced acute akathisia
  • Tardive akathisia

Code Tree

G00-G99 - Diseases of the nervous system
  • G20-G26 - Extrapyramidal and movement disorders
    • G25 - Other extrapyramidal and movement disorders
      • G25.7 - Other and unspecified drug induced movement disorders
        • G25.70 - Drug induced movement disorder, unspecified
        • G25.71 - Drug induced akathisia
        • G25.79 - Other drug induced movement disorders

Map to ⑨

G25.71 converts approximately to ICD-9-CM:
  • 333.99 - Other extrapyramidal diseases and abnormal movement disorders
G25.71 - Drug induced akathisia is a sample topic from the ICD-10-CM.

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