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Egg donation--the donor's view: an aid to future recruitment.


The major stumbling block for egg donation lies in the recruitment of sufficient suitable donors. This study ascertained the views of egg donors in the UK by analysing 113 completed questionnaires that asked questions about demographics, stimulus to donate, support network available, ethics, the 'process' of donation and payment. Ideas for future recruitment were also sought. The mean age of donors was 31.7 years, and most donors were donating for the first time. Ninety-one per cent of donors were Caucasian and 93% had children of their own. Ninety-six (85%) donors felt fully supported in their decision to become an egg donor and 60 (53%) discussed their donation with their GP. Information regarding egg donation came from many sources. The main motivation to donate was a desire to help childless couples. Many respondents had themselves suffered, or knew of couples with, infertility. Eighty-three (73.5%) respondents felt that expenses alone should be paid to egg donors, and many expressed concerns that large financial incentives may attract the 'wrong women' to donate. Forty-nine (43%) respondents found the procedure painful or stressful in some way, although 95% had no regrets concerning their donation, and 72% would donate again. A common reason for donors not wishing to donate again was age restriction. Respondents were asked their opinion with regard to recruitment and the enthusiasm they expressed needs to be harnessed if the current shortcomings in available donors are to be overcome. Specific recommendations to achieve this are made.

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National Egg and Embryo Donation Society, St Mary's Hospital, Hathersage Road, Manchester M13 0JH, UK.




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