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A technique for laparoscopic pomeroy tubal ligation with endoloop sutures.


A laparoscopic technique of Pomeroy tubal ligation using endoloop sutures was compared with the conventional technique of laparoscopic tubal ligation with Silastic rings. Fifty-three patients selected from a population undergoing tubal ligation were randomized to either the Pomeroy (N = 28) or ring (N = 25) group. Mean (+/- standard deviation) operative time for the Pomeroy group was 27.39 +/- 5.95 minutes, with a range of 18-40; for the ring group, the time was 23.11 +/- 11.53 minutes, with a range of 12-58. These times were not statistically different. Operative complication were encountered only in the ring group and included two lacerations of the mesosalpinx. There were no technical or method failures over a follow-up interval of 12-18 months. Specimens confirmed tubal histology in all cases in the Pomeroy group. Laparoscopic Pomeroy tubal ligation using endoloop sutures was easily performed, comparable to laparoscopic application of Silastic rings, and provided a surgical specimen to confirm tubal histology. This aspect may represent a medicolegal advantage of documentation not available with other laparoscopic techniques of tubal ligation.


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    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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    Obstetrics and gynecology 80:6 1992 Dec pg 1053-5


    Fallopian Tubes
    Sterilization, Tubal
    Suture Techniques

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