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Basic study of brain injury mechanism caused by cavitation.


The purpose of this study is to discuss the mechanism of brain injury experimentally, with respect to the pressure changes on the surface of a brain agar phantom by cavitation. First, an experimental system to perform an impact experiment is presented. We present some images taken by a high-speed camera of the behavior of a simple physical head model with and without the brain agar phantom during impact. From the photographs of the high-speed camera, we can confirm that cavitation bubbles occur at the contrecoup side, irrespective of the usage of the brain agar phantom. Second, two experimental systems to perform impact and strike experiments are presented. The pressure changes on the surface of the brain agar phantom at contrecoup side were measured by two kinds of experiments and impact velocities. Frequency analysis of the measured pressure changes was conducted by FFT software. From these results, we found that the collapse of cavitation bubbles at the contrecoup side can strongly affect the characteristics of pressure changes on the surface of the brain agar phantom.


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    Biomechanical Phenomena
    Biomedical Engineering
    Brain Injuries
    Computer Simulation
    Fourier Analysis
    Models, Neurological
    Phantoms, Imaging

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