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[Correction of complement system failure in patients with chronic prostatitis].


The aim of the study was detection of local and systemic changes in the complement system in patients with chronic abacterial prostatitis (CAP) and chronic bacterial prostatitis (CBP) and to assess a relevant corrective efficacy of the hardware and software complex Andro-Gin (KAP-ELM-01 Andro-Gin). Before treatment, blood plasma of CAP patients contained elevated concentrations of all studied components of the compliment system and factor H but subnormal concentration of C1-inhibitor. Locally, all the compliment indices were high including C1-inhibitor and factor H except component C5. Initial blood plasma compliment fractions in CBP patients were elevated but regulatory proteins concentrations were low. Local compliment components C3, C4, C5 and C5a and factor H were significantly higher. Standard treatment of CAP partially corrected the level of C3, C3a, C4 components, locally normalized concentration of C3 component and corrected C4 component, while in CBP standard treatment normalized concentration of C3 component and reduced C3a, C4, C5 and C5a components, locally normalized the levels of C3, C4 components, corrected concentration of C3a, C5, C5a components, raised regulatory factors. Combination of the standard treatment with Andro-Gin unit compared to standard treatment alone, in CAP corrected plasma concentrations of C3, C3a, C4 compliment components and significantly raised levels of regulatory factors, locally--partially normalized the level of factor H. In CBP additional use of Andro-Gin more significantly improved concentrations of C3a and C5a components , locally--C5a component, raised significantly concentration of regulatory factors C1-inhibitor and factor H. Thus, KAP-ELM-01 Andro-Gin administration in CAP and CBP patients promotes more effective correction of systemic and local disorders in the compliment system, the improvement being more pronounced in CBP.


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