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(Acta of bioengineering and biomechanics[TA])
665 results
  • Surface characterization of the raw and cooked bovine cortical metatarsal bone. [Journal Article]
    Acta Bioeng Biomech 2019; 21(1):13-21Petrovic BB, Kojić S, … Stojanović G
  • CONCLUSIONS: This study provides detailed analysis of hardness, elastic modulus of raw and cooked bovine bone and their relation and changes during exposure to temperature. These results of elastic moduli and hardness could be comparable to similar studies of bovine and human bone tissue, but the careful analysis of experimental design, type of the bone as well as limitations of the employed techniques must be carried out before interpolation of the results to other theoretical, clinical, biomaterial and archeological studies.
  • Quality of body posture and postural stability in people with intellectual disability playing volleyball. [Journal Article]
    Acta Bioeng Biomech 2019; 21:23-30Bibrowicz K, Szurmik T, … Mitas A
  • CONCLUSIONS: Incorrect postural patterns, observed in people with intellectual disabilities, require the development of special recovery programs. Qualified physical activity can help them improve their balance systems, reducing the risk of falls and injuries. The lack of the possibility of an unequivocal relationship between the quality of body posture and its stability requires research on a larger research material. New evaluation methods used (Frohner Posture index and Dolphens classification) confirmed their usefulness and gave new possibilities of application in postural research.
  • A biomechanical assessment of running with hallux unstable shoes of different material stiffness. [Journal Article]
    Acta Bioeng Biomech 2019; 21(1):121-128Mei Q, Gu Y, Fernandez J
  • CONCLUSIONS: Unstable shoes with soft material led to reduced medial metatarsal loading by increasing the support area and modified joint kinematics minimally. Unstable shoes with stiffer material presented compensatory kinematic movements across all joints and laterally shifted plantar loading distribution. These findings may provide implications on toe grip function training for foot pressure off-loading.
  • Stabilometric profile of handstand technique in male gymnasts. [Journal Article]
    Acta Bioeng Biomech 2019; 21(1):63-71Sobera M, Serafin R, Rutkowska-Kucharska A
  • CONCLUSIONS: The stabilometric profile of more experienced gymnasts means the better posture control in handstand. The minimizing of body sway is compensated by exerting more force on a floor surface and the less experienced athletes cannot do that even after several years of training. The gymnasts of both groups, during standing on their hands, put more load on the right hand.
  • Monitoring of the Achilles tendon healing process: can artificial intelligence be helpful? [Journal Article]
    Acta Bioeng Biomech 2019; 21(1):103-111Kapiński N, Zieliński J, … Nowiński KS
  • CONCLUSIONS: The presented method enables acquiring comparable accuracy with less training samples. The applications of the method presented in the paper as case studies can facilitate evaluation of the healing process and comparing with previous examination of the same patient as well as with other patients. This approach might be probably transferred to other musculoskeletal tissues and joints.
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