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  • Use of interventions involving virtual reality tasks during the climacteric: a systematic review. [Journal Article]
    Climacteric. 2022 Jun 30 [Online ahead of print]Zangirolami-Raimundo J, Noll PRES, … Soares Júnior JM
  • Technological advances have been impacting health care worldwide. Our study aimed to research the literature systematically to determine the impact of technological treatments versus conventional treatments on the quality of life of climacteric women. The study was registered on PROSPERO (CRD42021241638). We searched seven databases, including PRISMA, using mesh terms. After screening for eligibi…
  • Effect of estrogen on vaginal complications of pessary use: a systematic review and meta-analysis. [Journal Article]
    Climacteric. 2022 Jun 13 [Online ahead of print]Ai F, Wang Y, … Wang S
  • CONCLUSIONS: Local estrogen in combination with a pessary could decrease the BV rate among postmenopausal women with POP. However, consensus regarding the value of estrogen use for decreasing other pessary complications has not yet been reached. Additional multicenter RCTs with large sample sizes should be conducted to better understand the effect of estrogen use on reducing pessary-related complications.
  • Primary choice of estrogen and progestogen as components for HRT: a clinical pharmacological view. [Journal Article]
    Climacteric. 2022 May 31 [Online ahead of print]Ruan X, Mueck AO
  • Prescribing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) requires consideration of the selection of its two components, the estrogen and the progestogen. In terms of the estrogen, the decision is mainly whether to use estradiol (E2) or conjugated equine estrogens (CEE). These are the components needed to efficiently treat climacteric symptoms or/and prevent osteoporosis, currently the only labeled indicatio…
  • Hormone therapy effect on menopausal systemic lupus erythematosus patients: a systematic review. [Journal Article]
    Climacteric. 2022 Apr 19 [Online ahead of print]Soares-Jr JM, Espósito Sorpreso IC, … Baracat EC
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) primarily affects women, who may need hormone therapy (HT) in menopause. There is, however, some concern as to its efficacy and safety. This systematic review aimed to determine the effect of HT on the activity of SLE and its safety. The study was a qualitative systematic review. Research was conducted with data retrieved from Embase, MEDLINE and Cochrane databa…
  • Skin, hair and beyond: the impact of menopause. [Journal Article]
    Climacteric. 2022 Apr 04 [Online ahead of print]Zouboulis CC, Blume-Peytavi U, … Goldstein SR
  • The skin is an endocrine organ and a major target of hormones such as estrogens, androgens and cortisol. Besides vasomotor symptoms (VMS), skin and hair symptoms often receive less attention than other menopausal symptoms despite having a significant negative effect on quality of life. Skin and mucosal menopausal symptoms include dryness and pruritus, thinning and atrophy, wrinkles and sagging, p…
  • Vulvovaginal atrophy management with a laser: the placebo effect or the conditioning Pavlov reflex. [Journal Article]
    Climacteric. 2022 Mar 30 [Online ahead of print]Pérez-López FR, Varikasuvu SR
  • Postmenopausal vulvovaginal pain and atrophy require appropriate and sensitive outcomes that correlate with the genital discomfort, symptoms and expected changes. In some studies, hormone and laser treatments do not detect benefits due to the fact that appropriate measuring tools were not used. While some studies have demonstrated placebo effects for both therapeutic approaches, others support th…
  • Impact of progesterone on the gastrointestinal tract: a comprehensive literature review. [Journal Article]
    Climacteric. 2022 Mar 07 [Online ahead of print]Coquoz A, Regli D, Stute P
  • Women are more prone to gastrointestinal symptoms than men. A comprehensive literature search was performed to assess the impact of sex steroid hormone, especially progesterone, on the (healthy and diseased) gastrointestinal tract. Overall, 37 articles were identified. Based on these we conclude that progesterone has a dose-dependent and sex-dependent effect on gastric emptying (especially in mam…
  • Menopausal hormone therapy: why we should no longer be afraid of the breast cancer risk. [Journal Article]
    Climacteric. 2022 Feb 11 [Online ahead of print]Tan DA, Dayu ARB
  • The threat that women may develop breast cancer is the major reason why both physicians and women are afraid to use menopausal hormone therapy (MHT). The fear pertains to estrogen-progestin replacement therapy (EPRT) as estrogen-alone replacement therapy has no, or even a reduced, breast cancer risk. We reviewed the way breast cancer risk with EPRT was reported in some major publications since 20…
  • The impact of micronized progesterone on cardiovascular events - a systematic review. [Journal Article]
    Climacteric. 2022 Feb 03 [Online ahead of print]Kaemmle LM, Stadler A, … Stute P
  • Biologically identical menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) including micronized progesterone (MP) has gained much attention. We aimed to assess the impact of MP in combined MHT on venous and arterial thromboembolism (VTE/ATE) (e.g. deep venous thrombosis/pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction [MI] and ischemic stroke). Articles were eligible if they provided endpoints regarding cardiovascular eve…
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