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(Drug and alcohol dependence[TA])
8,527 results
  • Racial/ethnic differences in prescription opioid misuse and heroin use among a national sample, 1999-2018. [Journal Article]
    Drug Alcohol Depend. 2021 Feb 13; 221:108588.Schuler MS, Schell TL, Wong EC
  • CONCLUSIONS: While heroin use has risen among all racial/ethnic groups, the demographics of heroin use have changed significantly in the past two decades such that prevalence is now highest among White individuals. Opioid prevention and treatment initiatives should both be informed by the changing demographics of heroin use and seek to reduce opioid-related harms and expand treatment access equitably for all racial/ethnic groups.
  • The effects of substance use and physical activity on cognition: The impact of incongruent health behaviors. [Journal Article]
    Drug Alcohol Depend. 2021 Feb 16; 221:108635.Weinstock J, Fu Q, … Weiss E
  • CONCLUSIONS: Overall, PA enhanced two facets of cognitive functioning across six substances. However, these benefits are reduced in the context of frequency of substance use. The positive association between light-to-moderate PA and EF appears to be more sensitive in the context of frequent substance use than vigorous PA. Implications for public health messaging and PA as cognitive remediation treatment for substance use disorders are discussed.
  • Pharmacists' nonprescription syringe dispensing perceptions and behaviors: A three-state descriptive analysis. [Journal Article]
    Drug Alcohol Depend. 2021 Feb 13; 221:108597.Hagemeier NE, Dowling-McClay K, … Spence M
  • CONCLUSIONS: Significant differences in pharmacists' perceptions and behaviors were noted across state lines with North Carolina pharmacists reporting more engagement in syringe dispensing as compared to pharmacists in Tennessee and Virginia. Policy allowing pharmacists to dispense syringes to people who inject drugs appears to foster some but not all pharmacist engagement in this harm reduction intervention.
  • Factor structure and psychometric properties of the Connor-Davidson resilience scale (CD-RISC) in individuals with opioid use disorder. [Journal Article]
    Drug Alcohol Depend. 2021 Feb 16; 221:108632.Martinez S, Jones JD, … Comer SD
  • CONCLUSIONS: Albeit providing only limited support for the original 5-factor structure, our results indicate that the scale may be useful for screening individuals with OUD who have a vulnerability to stress. Consistent with prior studies, higher resilience was associated with lower depression symptoms and addiction severity, further demonstrating the CD-RISC-25 ability to predict psychiatric stability. To inform the development of more targeted interventions, future studies should examine resilience longitudinally, in addition to exploring more comprehensive approaches to measuring resilience.
  • Using ICD-10-CM codes to detect illicit substance use: A comparison with retrospective self-report. [Journal Article]
    Drug Alcohol Depend. 2021 Jan 20; 221:108537.Rowe CL, Santos GM, … Coffin PO
  • CONCLUSIONS: ICD-10-CM codes had high specificity and low sensitivity for detecting self-reported substance use but were substantially more sensitive in detecting frequent use. ICD-10-CM codes to detect substance use, particularly those from emergency department visits, should be used with caution, but may be useful as a lower-bound population measure of substance use or for capturing frequent use among certain patient populations.
  • Telomere length is associated with HIV infection, methamphetamine use, inflammation, and comorbid disease risk. [Journal Article]
    Drug Alcohol Depend. 2021 Feb 16; 221:108639.Mehta SR, Iudicello JE, … TMARC Group
  • CONCLUSIONS: HIV and METH dependence were each associated with shorter telomeres. After adjusting for demographics, HIV, and METH, T/S ratio remained associated with aging-related outcomes including neurocognitive impairment, neurodegeneration, risks of cardiovascular disease and stroke. While not establishing causality, this study supports using the T/S ratio as a biomarker for estimating the impact of HIV and comorbidities on long-term health.
  • Comparing video observation to electronic topography device as a method for measuring cigarette puffing behavior. [Journal Article]
    Drug Alcohol Depend. 2021 Feb 17; 221:108623.Mercincavage M, Karelitz JL, … Strasser AA
  • CONCLUSIONS: Although some topography outcomes (e.g., total puff volume) cannot be assessed via video observation, video-observed measures of puff count, total duration, and total interpuff interval are generally interchangeable with their topography device-obtained counterparts. Thus, video observation is likely a sufficient substitute method for assessing cigarette topography when using an electronic device is not possible.
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