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(J Proteomics[TA])
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  • Digging deeper into bile proteome. [Journal Article]
    J Proteomics. 2020 Sep 12 [Online ahead of print]Ciordia S, Alvarez-Sola G, … Corrales FJ
  • The analysis of biological fluids to identify proteins that may indicate a disease setting, state and progression, is an increasingly explored field. Despite the expectatives created, there are several hurdles that must be solved to reach an extensive proteome coverage using mass spectrometry, mainly due to the complex composition of the matrices. In this regard, bile is specially challenging and…
  • Proteasuria in nephrotic syndrome-quantification and proteomic profiling. [Journal Article]
    J Proteomics. 2020 Sep 11 [Online ahead of print]Wörn M, Bohnert BN, … Artunc F
  • Nephrotic syndrome is characterized by urinary excretion of plasma proteases or proteasuria. There is a lack of data on the quantity, activity status and identity of these aberrantly filtered proteases. We established a fluorescence-based substrate assay to quantify protease activity in urine samples from healthy and nephrotic humans and mice. Protease class activity was determined after addition…
  • N-glycosylation profiling of serum immunoglobulin in opisthorchiasis patients. [Journal Article]
    J Proteomics. 2020 Sep 11 [Online ahead of print]Onsurathum S, Kailemia MJ, … Pinlaor S
  • Alteration of immunoglobulin glycosylation correlates with inflammatory diseases and infectious diseases including parasitic infections. Immunoglobulin glycosylation patterns may be implicated in disease development and have also been proposed as diagnostic tools for several diseases. Previous studies have reported the immunoglobulin profiles in experimental animals and in patients infected with …
  • Proteomic analysis of liver in diet-induced Hyperlipidemic mice under Fructus Rosa roxburghii action. [Journal Article]
    J Proteomics. 2020 Sep 11 [Online ahead of print]Song P, Shen X
  • Fructus Rosae Roxburghii (FRR) has been considered as edible and medicinal fruit possessing antiatherosclerotic effect, but the mechanism is still unclear. HLP is material basis for AS formation. Under FRR action, TC, TG, LDL, HDL and ASI in serum were regulated to control level. Differentially expressed proteins in liver were analyzed by using TMT labeling and LC-MS/MS for better understanding t…
  • Differential proteomic analysis of soybean anthers by iTRAQ under high-temperature stress. [Journal Article]
    J Proteomics. 2020 Sep 07; 229:103968.Li J, Nadeem M, … Wang X
  • High-temperature has severe impacts on the functionality and development of soybean male reproductive organs. However, the molecular mechanism of thermo-tolerance in soybean remains unclear. In this study, a differential proteomic analysis was conducted between the anthers of heat-tolerant (JD21) and heat-sensitive (HD14) cultivars using an iTRAQ based approach. In total, 371, 479, and 417 differ…
  • N-Glycome changes reflecting resistance to platinum-based chemotherapy in ovarian cancer. [Journal Article]
    J Proteomics. 2020 Sep 05 [Online ahead of print]Zahradnikova M, Ihnatova I, … Novotny MV
  • A number of studies have reported aberrant glycosylation in connection with malignancy. Our investigation further expands on this topic through the examination of N-glycans, which could be associated with the resistance of advanced stage, high-grade non-mucinous ovarian cancer to platinum/taxane based chemotherapy. We used tissue samples of 83 ovarian cancer patients, randomly divided into two in…
  • Inhibition of proteasome reveals basal mitochondrial ubiquitination. [Journal Article]
    J Proteomics. 2020 Aug 31; 229:103949.Sulkshane P, Duek I, … Glickman MH
  • Strict quality control for mitochondrial proteins is necessary to ensure cell homeostasis. Two cellular pathways-Ubiquitin Proteasome System (UPS) and autophagy-contribute to mitochondrial homeostasis under stressful conditions. Here, we investigate changes to the mitochondria proteome and to the ubiquitin landscape at mitochondria in response to proteasome inhibition. Treatment of HeLa cells dev…
  • Tissue- and isoform-specific protein complex analysis with natively processed bait proteins. [Journal Article]
    J Proteomics. 2020 Aug 24 [Online ahead of print]Beyer T, Klose F, … Boldt K
  • Protein-protein interaction analysis is an important tool to elucidate the function of proteins and protein complexes as well as their dynamic behavior. To date, the analysis of tissue- or even cell- or compartment-specific protein interactions is still relying on the availability of specific antibodies suited for immunoprecipitation. Here, we aimed at establishing a method that allows identifica…
  • Editorial. [Editorial]
    J Proteomics. 2020 Sep 30; 228:103937.Carvalho PC, Souza TACB, … Borchers CH
  • Venom variation in Bothrops asper lineages from North-Western South America. [Journal Article]
    J Proteomics. 2020 Aug 20; 229:103945.Mora-Obando D, Salazar-Valenzuela D, … Calvete JJ
  • Bothrops asper is a venomous pitviper that is widely distributed and of clinical importance in Mesoamerica and northern South America, where it is responsible for 50-80% of all envenomations by Viperidae species. Previous work suggests that B. asper has a complex phylogeographic structure, with the existence of multiple evolutionarily distinct lineages, particularly in the inter-Andean valleys of…
  • Proteomic analysis of bacterial communities associated with atopic dermatitis. [Journal Article]
    J Proteomics. 2020 Aug 18; 229:103944.Kandil A, Hanora A, … Enany S
  • Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a relapsing, chronic, and inflammatory skin disorder. Its causes remain unclear. Here, we reported the first proteome study of the bacterial community in AD patients. Bacterial community in 7 patients and 1 healthy control using bottom-up proteomics were examined starting with in-solution digestion followed by purification steps with subsequent analysis using LC-MS/MS an…
  • Comparison between the proteome of Escherichia coli single colony and during liquid culture. [Journal Article]
    J Proteomics. 2020 Sep 30; 228:103929.Fortuin S, Nel AJM, … Soares NC
  • Most bacterial proteomic studies done to date utilise bacterial cells harvested from liquid culture media. However, it is widely accepted that many important determinants associated with virulence and host cell adhesion are exclusively expressed during growth on solid media, as a crude mimic of true biofilms. Here, we compare the observed proteome of Escherichia coli K12 from isolated single colo…
  • Proteomic profile of human dental follicle stem cells and apical papilla stem cells. [Journal Article]
    J Proteomics. 2020 Aug 12 [Online ahead of print]Lei T, Zhang X, … Du H
  • Dental stem cells have great potential in clinical practice as an adult mesenchymal stem cell, such as dental follicle and the apical papilla, have strong proliferation and differentiation characteristics. The developmental relevance and discrimination of them in the niche is not clear, which limits their application scenarios. The aim of this study was to investigate the intrinsical differences …
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