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(Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience[TA])
1,307 results
  • Decreased serum pyridoxal levels in schizophrenia: meta-analysis and Mendelian randomization analysis. [Journal Article]
  • JPJ Psychiatry Neurosci 2018 Feb 02; 43(2):170053
  • Tomioka Y, Numata S, … Ohmori T
  • CONCLUSIONS: Food consumption and medications may have affected serum pyridoxal levels in our cross-sectional study. Sample size, number of instrumental variables and substantial heterogeneity among patients with schizophrenia are limitations of an MR analysis.We found decreased serum pyridoxal levels in patients with schizophrenia in this observational study. However, we failed to obtain data supporting a causal relationship between pyridoxal levels and schizophrenia risk using the MR approach.
  • Neural correlates of emotional action control in anger-prone women with borderline personality disorder. [Journal Article]
  • JPJ Psychiatry Neurosci 2018 Jan 12; 43(2):170102
  • Bertsch K, Roelofs K, … Volman I
  • CONCLUSIONS: Specificity of results to BPD and sex differences remain unknown owing to the lack of clinical control groups and male participants.The results indicate reduced lateral prefrontal-amygdala communication during emotional action control in anger-prone women with BPD. The findings provide a possible neural mechanism underlying difficulties with controlling emotional impulses in patients with BPD.
  • Altered cortical thickness and attentional deficits in adolescent girls and women with bulimia nervosa. [Journal Article]
  • JPJ Psychiatry Neurosci 2018 Jan 12; 43(2):170070
  • Berner LA, Stefan M, … Marsh R
  • CONCLUSIONS: These findings are applicable to only girls and women with bulimia nervosa, and our cross-sectional design precludes understanding of whether cortical thickness alterations precede or result from bulimia nervosa symptoms.Structural abnormalities in the frontoparietal and posterior cingulate regions comprising circuits that support control and attentional processes should be investigated as potential contributors to the maintenance of bulimia nervosa and useful targets for novel interventions.
  • Meta-analysis of central and peripheral γ-aminobutyric acid levels in patients with unipolar and bipolar depression. [Journal Article]
  • JPJ Psychiatry Neurosci 2018; 43(1):58-66
  • Romeo B, Choucha W, … Rotge JY
  • CONCLUSIONS: There was a great heterogeneity across studies, probably because of the substantial variation of clinical characteristics in the included samples. Many subanalyses were performed to assess how the diagnosis, medications, or the type of measurements of peripheral or central GABA levels may affect the main results.The GABA levels evolved differentially in patients with unipolar and bipolar disorders. Our results suggest that GABA levels could represent a biomarker of symptomatic states in patients with unipolar disorder and would be normalized by mood stabilizers in those with bipolar disorder.
  • Always on guard: emotion regulation in women with borderline personality disorder compared to nonpatient controls and patients with cluster-C personality disorder. [Journal Article]
  • JPJ Psychiatry Neurosci 2018; 43(1):37-47
  • van Zutphen L, Siep N, … Arntz A
  • CONCLUSIONS: Findings cannot be generalized to men, and patients represented a heterogeneous group regarding comorbid diagnoses and medication.When looking at emotional stimuli, patients with BPD showed a unique pattern of activity, suggesting an increase in brain activity involved in emotion generation. In the case of negative stimuli this is accompanied by increased activity in regulation areas. In contrast, increase of regulation processes seems absent when patients with BPD are explicitly instructed to regulate. Results of diagnosis specificity support a dimensional rather than a dichotomous differentiation between BPD and cluster-C personality disorder regarding emotional sensitivity and emotional regulation of social stimuli.
  • Cardiorespiratory concerns shape brain responses during automatic panic-related scene processing in patients with panic disorder. [Journal Article]
  • JPJ Psychiatry Neurosci 2018; 43(1):26-36
  • Feldker K, Heitmann CY, … Straube T
  • CONCLUSIONS: The additional implementation of measures of autonomic activation, such as pupil diameter, heart rate, or electrodermal activity, would have been informative during the fMRI scan as well as during the rating procedure.Results reveal a neural network involved in the processing of panic-related distractor stimuli in patients with panic disorder and suggest an automatic weighting of panic-related information depending on the magnitude of cardiovascular and respiratory symptoms. Insula and brainstem activations show function-related associations with specific components of panic symptomatology.
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