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(Journal of analytical toxicology[TA])
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  • Detection of 30 Fentanyl Analogs by Commercial Immunoassay Kits. [Journal Article]
    J Anal Toxicol. 2021 Feb 13; 45(2):111-116.Wharton RE, Casbohm J, … Johnson RC
  • Health-care workers, laboratorians and overdose prevention centers rely on commercial immunoassays to detect the presence of fentanyl; however, the cross-reactivity of fentanyl analogs with these kits is largely unknown. To address this, we conducted a pilot study evaluating the detection of 30 fentanyl analogs and metabolites by 19 commercially available kits (9 lateral flow assays, 7 heterogene…
  • Veratrum Alkaloid Determination in Four Cases of Veratrum Aqua Poisonings. [Journal Article]
    J Anal Toxicol. 2021 Feb 09 [Online ahead of print]Melnik EV, Belova MV, … Ramenskaya GV
  • Veratrum poisonings are known to the toxicology literature as multiple Veratrum species grow in different parts of the Northern Hemisphere and are occasionally ingested by mistake. Veratrum toxicity is attributed to the steroidal alkaloids contained in all parts of the plant. In Russia Veratrum poisonings are more common since there is an over-the-counter Veratrum Lobelianum-based tincture, Verat…
  • Determination of Enzymatic Hydrolysis Efficiency in Detection of Cannabis Use by UPLC-MS/MS. [Journal Article]
    J Anal Toxicol. 2021 Feb 05 [Online ahead of print]Kul A, Sagirli O
  • Cannabis is still the most widely used illegal plant in the world. However, cannabis use is prohibited in many countries. After cannabis use, Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol is metabolized in the liver to 11-nor-9-carboxy-Δ9- tetrahydrocannabinol (THC-COOH) and most undergo glucuronidation. THC-COOH and THC-COOH glucuronide are excreted in the urine. The total concentration of THC-COOH in the urine sampl…
  • Hair Analysis of Methoxphenidine in a Forensic Chemsex Case. [Journal Article]
    J Anal Toxicol. 2021 Feb 01 [Online ahead of print]Goncalves R, Castaing N, … Dumestre-Toulet V
  • Methoxphenidine (MXP, 2-MeO-diphenidine) is a dissociative anaesthetic drug of the diarylethylamine type, recently introduced for recreational purposes through the online-based sale of new psychoactive substances (NPS). The concentration of MXP in hair has never been reported, either in cases of chemsex use or in fatal cases. A 55-year-old man was found dead at home the morning after a chemsex pa…
  • Detection of Brevetoxin in Human Plasma by ELISA. [Journal Article]
    J Anal Toxicol. 2021 Jan 30 [Online ahead of print]Cunningham BR, Coleman RM, … Johnson RC
  • Florida red tides have become more common and persistent in and around the Gulf of Mexico. When in bloom, red tides can produce brevetoxins in high concentrations, leading to human exposures primarily through contaminated food and ocean spray. The research described here includes adapting and validating a commercial brevetoxin water test kit for human plasma testing. Pooled plasma was fortified w…
  • The Development and Validation of a Novel Designer Benzodiazepines Panel by LC/MS-MS. [Journal Article]
    J Anal Toxicol. 2021 Jan 21 [Online ahead of print]Mastrovito RA, Papsun DM, Logan BK
  • Novel illicit benzodiazepines are among the most active areas of new illicit drug manufacture and use. We describe a method for the detection and quantification of etizolam, its metabolite α-hydroxyetizolam, flubromazolam, clonazolam, diclazepam, delorazepam, bromazepam, flubromazepam, phenazepam, flualprazolam, flunitrazolam, and nitrazolam in human whole blood. After addition of internal standa…
  • Heroin Fatality in a Feline: A Case Report with Postmortem Liver Concentrations. [Journal Article]
    J Anal Toxicol. 2021 Jan 21 [Online ahead of print]Buchweitz JP, Zyskowski J, Lehner AF
  • A case of feline intoxication and fatality with the illicit drug heroin is described. A five-year-old castrated male domestic short hair cat was recently diagnosed with an active pneumonitis and left at home for a couple days under the care of another resident. Upon return, the owner found his cat dead with strong suspicion of foul-play. The cat was necropsied by a local veterinary clinic to retr…
  • The Lethal Cutting: An Unexpected Cause of Death. [Journal Article]
    J Anal Toxicol. 2021 Jan 08 [Online ahead of print]Di Candia D, Boracchi M, … Zoja R
  • Cocaine is among the illicit substances most frequently implicated in deaths related to the use of drugs of abuse both worldwide and in Italy. Cutting agents involved in the adulterations of this substance are many and the process of lacing can take place at various stages of the production of the drug. In this Report we are discussing the case of a 27-year-old woman found death next to her car i…
  • Detecting Fentanyl Analogs in Urine Using Precursor Ion Scan Mode. [Journal Article]
    J Anal Toxicol. 2021 Jan 08 [Online ahead of print]Budelier MM, Franks CE, … Roper SM
  • The opioid crisis has led many providers to inquire about the capabilities of urine drug testing to detect contemporary compounds such as fentanyl and fentanyl analogs. However, current methods for clinical urine drug testing, including immunoassays and targeted liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry, are not designed to broadly screen for the variety of fentanyl analogs that may be encou…
  • Investigation and Resolution of Interference in the LC-QTOF-MS Detection of 4-MePPP. [Journal Article]
    J Anal Toxicol. 2021 Jan 04 [Online ahead of print]Allen DR, Warnholtz C, McWhinney BC
  • An interference resulting in the false-positive detection of the synthetic cathinone 4-MePPP in urine was suspected following the recent addition of 4-MePPP spectral data to an LC-QTOF-MS drug library. Although positive detection criteria were achieved, it was noted that all urine samples suspected of containing 4-MePPP also concurrently contained high levels of tramadol and its associated metabo…
  • Fatal, Intentional Overdose of Ranolazine: Post-Mortem Distribution of Parent Drug and its Major Metabolite. [Journal Article]
    J Anal Toxicol. 2020 Dec 31 [Online ahead of print]Gottardo R, De Battisti Z, … Tagliaro F
  • CONCLUSIONS: The cause of death was attributed to ranolazine overdosing. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of a fatality associated with ranolazine, in which the postmortem distribution of ranolazine and its metabolite has been quantitatively assessed. The present study can therefore provide useful information for interpretation of the causes and mechanisms of death in ranolazine associated fatalities.
  • Estimates of Non-Alcoholic Food-Derived Ethanol and Methanol Exposure in Human. [Journal Article]
    J Anal Toxicol. 2020 Dec 31 [Online ahead of print]Gürler M, Martz W, … Dettmeyer RB
  • Food-derived alcohol is almost not in question due to its low concentration. Nevertheless, could it pose a problem for some risk groups and forensic cases? To answer this, we aimed to simultaneously evaluate ethanol and methanol ingredients of a variety of non-alcoholic foods in two different countries and estimate their possible health and forensic consequences. Alcohols in foods were analysed b…
  • Kavain Interference with Amphetamine Immunoassay. [Journal Article]
    J Anal Toxicol. 2020 Dec 16 [Online ahead of print]Madhavaram H, Patel T, Kyle C
  • CONCLUSIONS: The patient urine samples tested positive by CEDIA immunoassay for amphetamines. However, when analysed by GCMS they were negative for amphetamine-type but contained kavain.The kava powders and kavain standard all cross reacted with the amphetamine immunoassay to give falsely detected results. GCMS did not identify any amphetamine-type compounds in any of the Kava powders nor in the kavain standard.To our knowledge, this is the first report of false positive amphetamine measurements due to kavain, a component of the kava drink, widely consumed in Oceania and Australasia.
  • Eutylone Intoxications-An Emerging Synthetic Stimulant in Forensic Investigations. [Journal Article]
    J Anal Toxicol. 2021 Feb 06; 45(1):8-20.Krotulski AJ, Papsun DM, … Logan BK
  • Synthetic stimulants are the largest class of novel psychoactive substances identified each year by forensic laboratories internationally. While hundreds of these drugs appear in drug powders, only a few proliferate in use among forensically relevant populations and eventually emerge in postmortem and clinical investigations. Beta-keto-methylenedioxyamphetamines (i.e., novel psychoactive substanc…
  • Comparison of Spectroscopic Techniques Combined with Chemometrics for Cocaine Powder Analysis. [Journal Article]
    J Anal Toxicol. 2020 Dec 10; 44(8):851-860.Eliaerts J, Meert N, … Samyn N
  • Spectroscopic techniques combined with chemometrics are a promising tool for analysis of seized drug powders. In this study, the performance of three spectroscopic techniques [Mid-InfraRed (MIR), Raman and Near-InfraRed (NIR)] was compared. In total, 364 seized powders were analyzed and consisted of 276 cocaine powders (with concentrations ranging from 4 to 99 w%) and 88 powders without cocaine. …
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