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(Prehosp Disaster Med [TA])
2,107 results
  • Mental Health and Psychosocial Problems and Needs of Violence Survivors in the Colombian Pacific Coast: A Qualitative Study in Buenaventura and Quibdó. [Journal Article]
  • PDPrehosp Disaster Med 2018 Jul 26; :1-8
  • Santaella-Tenorio J, Bonilla-Escobar FJ, … Bolton P
  • CONCLUSIONS: Afro-Colombian survivors of torture and violence described mental health problems similar to those of other trauma-affected populations. These results suggest that existing interventions that address trauma-related symptoms and current ongoing stressors may be appropriate for improving the mental health of survivors in this population.Santaella-Tenorio J, Bonilla-Escobar FJ, Nieto-Gil L, Fandiño-Losada A, Gutiérrez-Martínez MI, Bass J, Bolton P. Mental health and psychosocial problems and needs of violence survivors in the Colombian Pacific Coast: a qualitative study in Buenaventura and Quibdó.
  • Disaster Exercises to Prepare Hospitals for Mass-Casualty Incidents: Does it Contribute to Preparedness or is it Ritualism? [Journal Article]
  • PDPrehosp Disaster Med 2018 Jul 17; :1-7
  • Verheul ML, Dückers M, … Bierens JJ
  • CONCLUSIONS: The evaluation reports do not support the ideal-typical disaster exercise process. The authors could not establish that team members participating in MCI exercises in the Netherlands learn from their participation. More time and effort must be spent on the development of a validated evaluation system for these simulations, and more research into the role of the evaluator is needed.Verheul MLMI, Dückers MLA, Visser BB, Beerens RJJ, Bierens JJLM. Disaster exercises to prepare hospitals for mass-casualty incidents: does it contribute to preparedness or is it ritualism? Prehosp Disaster Med.
  • Special Report: WADEM Climate Change Position Statement. [Journal Article]
  • PDPrehosp Disaster Med 2018 Jul 17; :1-4
  • Cuthbertson J, Archer F, Robertson A
  • The World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WADEM; Madison, Wisconsin USA) is a multi-disciplinary professional association whose mission is the global improvement of prehospital and e...
  • Portable Health Care Facilities in Disaster and Rescue Zones: Characteristics and Future Suggestions. [Journal Article]
  • PDPrehosp Disaster Med 2018 Jul 13; :1-7
  • Bitterman N, Zimmer Y
  • CONCLUSIONS: Future directions include the use of innovative materials, advanced working methods, and integrated transportation systems. In addition, a holistic approach should be developed to improve the performance, accessibility, time required to function, sustainability, flexibility, and modularity of portable health care facilities.Bitterman N, Zimmer Y. Portable health care facilities in disaster and rescue zones: characteristics and future suggestions. Prehosp Disaster Med.
  • START versus SALT Triage: Which is Preferred by the 21st Century Health Care Student? [Journal Article]
  • PDPrehosp Disaster Med 2018 Jul 13; :1-6
  • Fink BN, Rega PP, … Wishner C
  • CONCLUSIONS: While SALT's preference among females and physician assistant students was based on the addition of medical interventions and the provision of palliative care, START's preference was related to expediency. Based on this research, incorporating disaster concepts into US health care students' curricula encourages thoughtful consideration among the future health care leaders about the most effective approach to triage care. It is critical that further research be completed to determine, without reservation, which triage system will not only save the most lives but provide the most humane care to victims.Fink BN, Rega PP, Sexton ME, Wishner C. START versus SALT triage: which is preferred by the 21st century health care student?
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