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  • Personality and stress influence vision restoration and recovery in glaucoma and optic neuropathy following alternating current stimulation: implications for personalized neuromodulation and rehabilitation. [Journal Article]
    EPMA J. 2020 Jun; 11(2):177-196.Sabel BA, Wang J, … Antal A
  • CONCLUSIONS: Vision restoration induced by ACS is greater in patients with less stress-prone personality traits and those who show signs of VD. Prospective studies are now needed to determine if personality has (i) a causal influence, i.e., patients with less stress-prone personalities and greater VD signs recover better, and/or (ii) if personality changes are an effect of the treatment, i.e., successful recovery induces personality changes. Though the cause-effect relationship is still open, we nevertheless propose that psychosocial factors and VD contribute to the highly variable outcome of vision restoration treatments in low vision rehabilitation. This has implications for preventive and personalized vision restoration and is of general value for our understanding of outcome variability in neuromodulation and neurological rehabilitation.
  • Interdigitation Zone Change According to Glaucoma-Stage Advancement. [Journal Article]
    Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2020 Apr 09; 61(4):20.Ha A, Kim YK, … Park KH
  • CONCLUSIONS: SD-OCT revealed a reduction in IZ area in NTG eyes, and the extent of the reduction was positively associated with glaucoma severity. These findings suggest, though tentatively, that changes in the outer retinal layer can occur in the course of glaucoma progression.
  • Temporal Wedge Defects in Glaucoma: Structure/Function Correlation With Threshold Automated Perimetry of the Full Visual Field. [Journal Article]
    J Glaucoma. 2020 Mar; 29(3):191-197.Wall M, Lee EJ, … Turpin A
  • CONCLUSIONS: We used the Open Perimetry Interface (OPI) to design a static automated perimetry test of the full visual field. About half of our glaucoma cohort had defects in the far peripheral inferotemporal visual field that correlate well with related damage to the superior nasal optic disc.About half of our glaucoma cohort have defects in the far peripheral inferotemporal visual field that correlate well with related damage to the superior nasal optic disc. Adding a threshold automated perimetry test of the far periphery improves structure/function correlations and adds useful clinical information.
  • The use of optical coherence tomography in chiasmal compression. [Journal Article]
    Cesk Slov Oftalmol. 2019 Summer; 75(3):120-127.Póczoš P, Kremláček J, … Jirásková N
  • CONCLUSIONS: There exists a correlation between the thickness of the peripapillary RNFL, resp. perifoveal GCL, and visual field defects in chiasmal compression. Thinner preoperative RNFL does not present a statistically important limiting factor for better functional outcomes after surgical decompression. Horizontal asymmetry of perifoveal GCL is an indicator of compressive ophthalmopathy. The grade of preoperative OC compression presents another important prognostic factor.
  • Qualitative evaluation of neuroretinal rim and retinal nerve fibre layer on optical coherence tomography to detect glaucomatous damage. [Journal Article]
    Br J Ophthalmol. 2019 Oct 29 [Online ahead of print]Wu Z, Vianna JR, … Hood DC
  • CONCLUSIONS: Experienced graders exhibited no difference in discriminating between perimetric glaucoma and healthy eyes when using a cpRNFL report alone, the BMO-MRW report alone or the two reports combined. Therefore, either OCT imaging report of the neuroretinal tissue could be used effectively for detecting perimetric glaucoma, but further studies are needed to determine whether there are specific advantages of each method, or the combination of both, when evaluating eyes that have a greater degree of diagnostic uncertainty.
  • Robot Assistants for Perimetry: A Study of Patient Experience and Performance. [Journal Article]
    Transl Vis Sci Technol. 2019 May; 8(3):59.McKendrick AM, Zeman A, … Turpin A
  • CONCLUSIONS: During perimetry, a social robot was preferred to a computer speaker providing the same feedback, despite the robot not being visible during the test. Making visual field testing more enjoyable for patients and operators may improve compliance and attitude to perimetry, leading to improved clinical outcomes.
  • Monitoring of visual field over 6 months after active ocular toxoplasmosis. [Journal Article]
    Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol. 2019 Jul; 257(7):1481-1488.Blot J, Aptel F, … Chiquet C
  • CONCLUSIONS: Visual field parameters better reflected the chorioretinal destruction related to the toxoplasmosis lesion and the functional repercussions than VA alone. Interestingly, MD at presentation could be a discriminating factor of severity in active OT, and each visual field parameter follow-up could be a support to manage patients with active OT, especially in the severe group.
  • Does eye examination order for standard automated perimetry matter? [Multicenter Study]
    Acta Ophthalmol. 2019 Sep; 97(6):e833-e838.Kelly SR, Bryan SR, Crabb DP
  • CONCLUSIONS: Statistically significant perimetric fatigue effects manifest on average in the second eye tested in routine clinics using Humphrey Field Analyzer SITA examinations. However, the average effects were very small and there was enormous variation among patients. We recommend starting with a right eye examination so that any perimetric fatigue effects, if they exist in an individual, will be as constant as possible from visit to visit.
  • Visual working memory for letters varies with familiarity but not complexity. [Journal Article]
    J Exp Psychol Learn Mem Cogn. 2019 Oct; 45(10):1761-1775.Ngiam WXQ, Khaw KLC, … Goodbourn PT
  • Visual working memory (VWM) is limited in both the capacity of information it can retain and the rate at which it encodes that information. We examined the influence of stimulus complexity on these 2 limitations of VWM. Observers performed a change-detection task with English letters of various fonts or letters from unfamiliar alphabets. Average perimetric complexity (κ)-an objective correlate of…
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