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  • Follicular Thyroid Cancer With Nose-Tip Metastasis and 131I Uptake. [Journal Article]
    Clin Nucl Med. 2020 Jun 25 [Online ahead of print]Yao SF, Lee CH, … Huang WS
  • We present a 56-year-old woman with metastatic follicular thyroid cancer at the nose tip with I uptake that is clinically rare, mimicking physiological uptake in the nose, a common finding seen after routine I therapeutic imaging. The lesion revealed a metastatic follicular thyroid cancer with I uptake and response to I therapy. Surgical removal, however, was not performed due to cosmetic and fun…
  • An indirect high iodine (131 I) effective dose used for thyroid ablation in patients with thyroid cancer. Is the method of measurement important? [Journal Article]
    J Appl Clin Med Phys. 2020 Jun 23 [Online ahead of print]Al-Shakhrah IA
  • CONCLUSIONS: Highly overestimated or highly underestimated results obtained by a certain method or technique, compared with those obtained by the standard method, are not desirable, they tend to exaggerate in applying radiation protection procedures, by increasing or decreasing, which, in both cases, become far from the realistic or recommended procedures. As an operating philosophy, the objective of radiation safety practices simply should not be to keep radiation doses within legal limits or maximum permissible doses (MPDs ), but to keep them "as low as reasonably achievable" (ALARA concept). MPDs should not be considered as thresholds below which exposure to radiation is of no concern, they are not assumed to be totally risk free, and any reasonable technique for reducing radiation dose may have potential benefits in the long run.
  • [Inflammation grading and sialoendoscopic treatment of 131I radioiodine-induced sialadenitis]. [Journal Article]
    Beijing Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban. 2020 Jun 18; 52(3):586-590.Li X, Su JZ, … Yu GY
  • CONCLUSIONS: The clinical, sialographic and sialoendoscopic appearances of 131I radioiodine-induced sialadenitis showed their characteristics. We proposed an inflammation grading standard for the 131I radioiodine-induced sialadenitis based on the appearances of sialography and sialoendoscopy. Sialoendoscopy can significantly alleviate the clinical symptoms, which is an effective therapy, and better for early lesions.
  • A Novel MAX Gene Mutation Variant in a Patient With Multiple and "Composite" Neuroendocrine-Neuroblastic Tumors. [Case Reports]
    Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). 2020; 11:234.Pozza C, Sesti F, … Giannetta E
  • CONCLUSIONS: This report represents the first description of a co-occurrence of multiple composite PCC-GN and neuroblastic tumors. The long timeline of the presentation of the NENs/neuroblastic tumors from infancy to adulthood requires a lifelong follow-up for this patient. Moreover, the importance of this case lies in the presence of a novel MAX gene variant deleterious, harmful, and causative of pathology, confirmed by Sanger sequencing and never been associated before with multiple composite PCC-GN. The present case underlines the importance of precision medicine and molecular diagnoses for hereditary pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas, suggesting that when they occur in early childhood, it is necessary to perform an extensive genetic investigation and a lifelong follow-up.
  • Solitary Breast Metastasis From Thyroid Papillary Carcinoma Revealed on Whole-Body Radioactive 131I Scan. [Journal Article]
    Clin Nucl Med. 2020 May 20 [Online ahead of print]Kharroubi D, Richa C, … Lussey-Lepoutre C
  • Breast metastasis from thyroid papillary carcinoma is an exceptional situation. Here, we present the diagnostic approach and the management of a 19-year-old woman with single breast metastasis from thyroid carcinoma. There was no extra thyroidal extension, neoplastic emboli, or lymph node invasion. The metastasis was revealed by whole-body radioactive I scan, explored by a fine-needle aspiration,…
  • Thyroid uptake test with portable device (COTI) after 131I tracer administration: proof of concept. [Journal Article]
    Radiat Environ Biophys. 2020 May 24 [Online ahead of print]Abuqbeitah M, Demir M, … Gray D
  • COTI (collar therapy indicator) has been recently introduced for the detection of gamma rays with emphasis on thyroid investigations. The aim of this study was to test the feasibility of a prototype version of COTI including activity detectors with low sensitivity in performing thyroid uptake measurements for a large group of patients. Consequently, thyroid uptake tests were carried out for a tot…
  • Development of 131I-ixolaris as a theranostic agent: metastatic melanoma preclinical studies. [Journal Article]
    Clin Exp Metastasis. 2020 May 11 [Online ahead of print]Barboza T, Gomes T, … de Souza SAL
  • Tissue factor (TF), a blood coagulation protein, plays an important role in tumor growth, invasion, and metastasis. Ixolaris, a tick-derived non-immunogenic molecule that binds to TF, has demonstrated in vivo inhibitory effect on murine models of melanoma, including primary growth and metastasis. This work aimed to: I) develop an efficient and stable labeling technique of ixolaris with Iodine-131…
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