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18,450 results
  • Monte Carlo dosimetry for a new 32P brachytherapy source using FLUKA code. [Journal Article]
    J Contemp Brachytherapy 2019; 11(1):76-90Rajabi R, Taherparvar P
  • CONCLUSIONS: This work fully characterizes dosimetric parameters of the sheathed and unsheathed new 32P brachytherapy sources in water and different tissue phantoms by using FLUKA code. The results demonstrate that the dose distribution in water differed from the calculated ones in tissue phantoms due to the densities and atomic composition for tissues that are not taken account by the TG-60 formalism.
  • Quantum Dynamics Calculations of Na (32S, 32P) + HF → NaF + H Reactions. [Journal Article]
    J Phys Chem A 2019; 123(13):2601-2609Yan W, Tan RS, Lin SY
  • The dynamics of the reactive scatterings of the ground (Na(3S)) and first excited (Na(3P)) state sodium atoms from hydrogen fluoride (HF) molecules is investigated by performing comprehensive Coriolis-coupled quantum wave packet calculations on the recent ab initio potential energy surface (PES). In the Na(3S) + HF reaction, the nonadiabatic effect is found to be negligibly small, and the reactiv…
  • Study of fast and slow consecutive processes by heterogeneous isotope exchange using P-32 radiotracer. [Journal Article]
    J Radioanal Nucl Chem 2018; 318(3):2349-2353Nagy NM, Kónya J
  • The sorption of phosphate on soils is studied by radioisotopic tracer method. Two consecutive processes with rather different rates were differentiated: namely the heterogeneous isotope exchange between the phosphate in the soil solution and the weakly sorbed phosphate (fast reaction), and the transformation of weakly sorbed phosphate to tightly sorbed phosphate (slow reaction). In this paper, it…
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