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Did you mean: (5 hydroxy tryptophan)?
(5 hydroxytryptophan)
5,376 results
  • Characteristic early membrane effects induced by tryptophan in pulvinar motor cells. [Journal Article]
    Plant Physiol Biochem 2019; 142:528-535Dédaldéchamp F, Moyen C, … Roblin G
  • Tryptophan at concentrations higher than 0.1 mM, triggered characteristic early physiological effects such as rapid (within 5 min) dose-dependent membrane hyperpolarization in Mimosa pudica motor cells and modification of the time course of the spontaneous proton efflux monitored in the incubation medium of pulvinar tissues. The rapid modifications of the leaf turgor-mediated movements seen on th…
  • Bioactive Amines Screening in Four Genotypes of Thermally Processed Cauliflower. [Journal Article]
    Antioxidants (Basel) 2019; 8(8)Diamante MS, Borges CV, … Lima GPP
  • Biogenic amines are important indicators of food quality with recognized antioxidant capacity. Diets that are rich in these compounds promote several benefits for human health, although the consumption in excess may result in food poisoning. This study aims to screen the levels of biogenic amines in four colored cauliflowers, before and after cooking (boiling, steaming, and microwaving). In addit…
  • Embryonic Ontogeny of 5-Hydroxyindoles and 5-Methoxyindoles Synthesis Pathways in the Goose Pineal Organ. [Journal Article]
    Int J Mol Sci 2019; 20(16)Hanuszewska M, Prusik M, Lewczuk B
  • The aim of this study was to characterize the embryonic ontogeny of 5-hydroxyindoles and 5-methoxyindoles synthesis pathways in the goose pineal organ. The study was performed on embryos aged 14-28 days, which have been incubated under a 12L:12D cycle. The pineal organs were collected for measurements of indole content by HPLC every 6 h on embryonic day (ED) 14, ED 16, ED 18 and ED 22 or every 2 …
  • GeneReviews®: SGCE Myoclonus-Dystonia [BOOK]
    University of Washington, Seattle: Seattle (WA)Adam MP, Ardinger HH, … Amemiya ARaymond D, Saunders-Pullman R, … Ozelius LBOOK
  • SGCE myoclonus-dystonia (SGCE-M-D) is a movement disorder characterized by a combination of rapid, brief muscle contractions (myoclonus) and/or sustained twisting and repetitive movements that result in abnormal postures (dystonia). The myoclonic jerks typical of SGCE-M-D most often affect the neck, trunk, and upper limbs with less common involvement of the legs. Approximately 50% of affected ind…
  • Increase in serotonin precursor levels reinstates the context memory during reconsolidation. [Journal Article]
    Invert Neurosci 2019; 19(3):8Zuzina AB, Vinarskaya AK, Balaban PM
  • In the present study, we tested possible ways of modification of the context long-term memory using the reconsolidation as a tool. Recently, using a depletion of the serotonin content, it was shown that the reinforcing neurotransmitter serotonin is necessary for successful repeated reconsolidation of context memory in terrestrial snails Helix lucorum (Balaban et al. in Sci Rep 6:36933, 2016), and…
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