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  • Trade for Food Security: The Stability of Global Agricultural Trade Networks. [Journal Article]
    Foods. 2023 Jan 06; 12(2)Wang X, Ma L, … Growe A
  • Global food production is facing increasing uncertainties under climate change and the coronavirus pandemic, provoking challenges and severe concerns to national food security. The role of global agricultural trade in bridging the imbalance between food supply and demand has come to the fore. However, the impact of multifaceted and dynamic factors, such as trade policies, national relations, and …
    Ophthalmologica. 2023 Jan 18 [Online ahead of print]García-Zamora M, Flores-Moreno I, … Ruiz-Moreno JM
  • CONCLUSIONS: DSM group showed more Bruch´s membrane defects and a greater stage of the atrophy component, based on the ATN grading system, compared with RSM group. As Bruch´s membrane may have biomechanical properties in terms of strength, the defects found around the macula, added to the major atrophic component, may be a cause of a local relaxation that induce a central bulge forming the dome.
  • Tau as a biomarker of cognitive impairment and neuropsychiatric symptom in Alzheimer's disease. [Journal Article]
    Hum Brain Mapp. 2023 Feb 01; 44(2):327-340.Dang M, Chen Q, … Zhang Z
  • The A/T/N research framework has been proposed for the diagnosis and prognosis of Alzheimer's disease (AD). However, the spatial distribution of ATN biomarkers and their relationship with cognitive impairment and neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS) need further clarification in patients with AD. We scanned 83 AD patients and 38 cognitively normal controls who independently completed the mini-mental s…
  • Fluid biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease. [Review]
    Adv Clin Chem. 2023; 112:249-281.Simrén J, Elmgren A, … Zetterberg H
  • Alzheimer's disease (AD) characterization has progressed from being indexed using clinical symptomatology followed by neuropathological examination at autopsy to in vivo signatures using cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) biomarkers and positron emission tomography. The core AD biomarkers reflect amyloid-β plaques (A), tau pathology (T) and neurodegeneration (N), following the ATN schedule, and are now be…
  • Complete chloroplast genomes and comparative analysis of Ligustrum species. [Journal Article]
    Sci Rep. 2023 Jan 05; 13(1):212.Long L, Li Y, … Yang M
  • In this study, we assembled and annotated the chloroplast (cp) genomes of four Ligustrum species, L. sinense, L. obtusifolium, L. vicaryi, and L. ovalifolium 'Aureum'. Including six other published Ligustrum species, we compared various characteristics such as gene structure, sequence alignment, codon preference, and nucleic acid diversity, and performed positive-selection genes screening and phy…
  • Brain-derived tau: a novel blood-based biomarker for Alzheimer's disease-type neurodegeneration. [Journal Article]
    Brain. 2022 Dec 27 [Online ahead of print]Gonzalez-Ortiz F, Turton M, … Karikari TK
  • Blood-based biomarkers for amyloid beta and phosphorylated tau show good diagnostic accuracies and agreements with their corresponding CSF and neuroimaging biomarkers in the amyloid/tau/neurodegeneration [A/T/(N)] framework for Alzheimer's disease. However, the blood-based neurodegeneration marker neurofilament light is not specific to Alzheimer's disease while total-tau shows lack of correlation…
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