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546 results
  • Necrotizing Mucormycosis of Wounds Following Combat Injuries, Natural Disasters, Burns, and Other Trauma. [Review]
    J Fungi (Basel) 2019; 5(3)Walsh TJ, Hospenthal DR, … Kontoyiannis DP
  • Necrotizing mucormycosis is a devastating complication of wounds incurred in the setting of military (combat) injuries, natural disasters, burns, or other civilian trauma. Apophysomyces species, Saksenaea species and Lichtheimia (formerly Absidia) species, although uncommon as causes of sinopulmonary mucormycosis, are relatively frequent agents of trauma-related mucormycosis. The pathogenesis of …
  • Mucormycosis in Burn Patients. [Review]
    J Fungi (Basel) 2019; 5(1)Devauchelle P, Jeanne M, Fréalle E
  • Patients with extensive burns are an important group at risk for cutaneous mucormycosis. This study aimed to perform a systematic review of all reported mucormycosis cases in burn patients from 1990 onward. A Medline search yielded identification of 7 case series, 3 outbreaks, and 25 individual cases reports. The prevalence reached 0.04%⁻0.6%. The median age was 42⁻48 in the case series and outbr…
  • Biotransformation of a major beer prenylflavonoid - isoxanthohumol. [Journal Article]
    Z Naturforsch C 2018; 74(1-2):1-7Bartmańska A, Tronina T, Popłoński J
  • Microbial transformations of isoxanthohumol (1), a beer prenylated flavonoid, by 51 fungi were investigated. Many of the tested fungi cultures were capable of effective transformation of 1. Mucor hiemalis and Fusarium oxysporum converted isoxanthohumol (1) into isoxanthohumol 7-O-β-d-glucopyranoside (3) and (2R)-2″-(2″'-hydroxyisopropyl)-dihydrofurano[2″,3″:7,8]-4″,5-hydroxy-5-methoxyflavanone (4…
  • Fungal Planet description sheets: 785-867. [Journal Article]
    Persoonia 2018; 41:238-417Crous PW, Luangsa-Ard JJ, … Groenewald JZ
  • Novel species of fungi described in this study include those from various countries as follows: Angola, Gnomoniopsis angolensis and Pseudopithomyces angolensis on unknown host plants. Australia, Dothiora corymbiae on Corymbia citriodora, Neoeucasphaeria eucalypti (incl. Neoeucasphaeria gen. nov.) on Eucalyptus sp., Fumagopsis stellae on Eucalyptus sp., Fusculina eucalyptorum (incl. Fusculinaceae …
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