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  • Electrospun Azithromycin-Laden Gelatin Methacryloyl Fibers for Endodontic Infection Control. [Journal Article]
    Int J Mol Sci. 2022 Nov 09; 23(22)Ayoub AA, Mahmoud AH, … Bottino MC
  • This study was aimed at engineering photocrosslinkable azithromycin (AZ)-laden gelatin methacryloyl fibers via electrospinning to serve as a localized and biodegradable drug delivery system for endodontic infection control. AZ at three distinct amounts was mixed with solubilized gelatin methacryloyl and the photoinitiator to obtain the following fibers: GelMA+5%AZ, GelMA+10%AZ, and GelMA+15%AZ. F…
  • Streptomyces: Derived Active Extract Inhibits Candida albicans Biofilm Formation. [Journal Article]
    Curr Microbiol. 2022 Sep 25; 79(11):332.Yang SQ, Zhou HJ, … Zeng H
  • Candida albicans is an opportunistic pathogen that causes biofilm-associated infections. C. albicans biofilms are known to display reduced susceptibility to antimicrobials and high rates of acquired antibiotic resistance, and biofilm forming in C. albicans further hampers treatment options and highlights the need for new antibiofilm strategies. Identifying active components from desert actinomyce…
  • Actinoflavosides B-D, Flavonoid Type Glycosides from Tidal Mudflat-Derived Actinomyces. [Journal Article]
    Mar Drugs. 2022 Sep 05; 20(9)Jeong H, Jo SJ, … Moon K
  • Three new secondary metabolites, actinoflavosides B-D (1-3), were discovered in the culture broth of two actinomycete strains (JML48 and JMS33) that were isolated from tidal mudflat sediment in Muan, Republic of Korea. The planar structures of the actinoflavosides were elucidated by MS, UV, and NMR analyses. The stereochemistry of an aminosugar, 2,3,6-trideoxy-3-amino-ribopyranoside in the actino…
  • Chemotherapy-associated oral microbiome changes in breast cancer patients. [Journal Article]
    Front Oncol. 2022; 12:949071.Klymiuk I, Bilgilier C, … Steininger C
  • Cytotoxic chemotherapy with or without a combination of humanized monoclonal antibodies is regarded as the gold standard of personalized medicine for the treatment of breast cancer patients. Significant medication-related side effects are common accompanying phenomena for these patients, such as oral discomfort, mucositis, or even osteonecrosis of the jaw. In this study, we analyze the saliva sam…
  • Halo- and Thiocarbazomycins from Coral- and Coral Reef Sands-Derived Actinomycetes. [Journal Article]
    Mar Drugs. 2022 Aug 21; 20(8)Wu Q, Zhu H, … Ju J
  • Four actinomycete strains isolated from the coral Acropora austera and coral sand samples from the South China Sea, were found to produce a series of halogenated compounds baring similar ultraviolet absorption based on the analysis of HPLC and LC-MS. The production titers of halogenated compounds from Streptomyces diacarni SCSIO 64983 exceeded those of other similar strains leading us to focus on…
  • Actinomycotic Osteomyelitis of the Maxilla in a Patient on Phenytoin. [Case Reports]
    Front Dent. 2022; 19:3.Aghahosseini F, Ghasemzadeh Hoseini E, Mahdavi N
  • Actinomycosis is caused by Actinomyces species and is relatively rare in humans. Because of the special collateral blood flow, osteomyelitis is less common in the maxilla than the mandible. Although there are few case reports for jaw osteomyelitis, actinomycotic osteomyelitis associated with phenytoin therapy has not been reported before. The data show that antiepileptic drugs induce suppression …
  • Antimicrobial potential of plant extracts from the Brazilian Cerrado. [Journal Article]
    Braz Dent J. 2022 Jan-Feb; 33(1):96-104.Volpato LER, Trigueiro PGC, … Oliveira RC
  • Bacteria are related do different oral diseases, such as dental caries and periodontal disease. Therefore, the control or/and eradication of microorganisms and their by-products is primordial for the success of their treatment. An alternative for decrease bacterial load is the use of plant extracts used in popular medicine. The cytotoxicity and antimicrobial action of extracts of Cariniana rubra …
  • Cytotoxic potential of Nephthea sp.-derived actinomycetes supported by metabolomics analysis. [Journal Article]
    Nat Prod Res. 2022 Dec; 36(24):6464-6469.Abdelhafez OH, Fahim JR, … Kamel MS
  • Soft corals and associated microorganisms are known to produce leads for anticancer drugs. Keeping this in mind, Nephthea sp.; a Red Sea soft coral was investigated for the first time using the OSMAC approach. Two isolates, Streptomyces sp. UR63 and Micrococcus sp. UR67 were identified. Their extracts revealed the presence of alkaloids, macrolides, quinones, fatty acids and terpenoids. Further co…
  • Oral Abundance of Actinomyces spp. in Breast Cancer Patients. [Journal Article]
    Oncology. 2022; 100(4):221-227.Bilgilier C, Fuereder T, … Steininger C
  • CONCLUSIONS: We suggest that Actinomyces spp. are not the initiative factors in MRONJ development. These bacteria are not altered in abundance during chemotherapy, but they behave opportunistic when there is a bone disruption in the oropharynx in the first place caused by antiresorptive drugs or dental trauma and proliferate in their new niche. Thus, Actinomyces spp. plays a latter role in MRONJ development, rather than a primary causative one.
  • Adaptively evolved human oral actinomyces-sourced defensins show therapeutic potential. [Journal Article]
    EMBO Mol Med. 2022 02 07; 14(2):e14499.Zhu S, Gao B, … Tytgat J
  • The development of eukaryote-derived antimicrobial peptides as systemically administered drugs has proven a challenging task. Here, we report the first human oral actinomyces-sourced defensin-actinomycesin-that shows promise for systemic therapy. Actinomycesin and its homologs are only present in actinobacteria and myxobacteria, and share similarity with a group of ancient invertebrate-type defen…
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