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(Acute angle closure glaucoma)
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  • Lens subluxation after use of a percussion massage gun: A case report. [Case Reports]
    Medicine (Baltimore). 2022 Dec 09; 101(49):e31825.Mu J, Fan W
  • CONCLUSIONS: Caregivers, sports professionals and the general public should be aware of the dangers of PMGs and the need to use them appropriately and safely, for example during self-massage and rehabilitation therapy. In particular, we recommend not using PMGs above the neck, which should be clearly indicated in instruction manuals.
  • Iridotomy to slow progression of visual field loss in angle-closure glaucoma. [Review]
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2023 01 09; 1:CD012270.Rouse B, Le JT, Gazzard G
  • Primary angle-closure glaucoma is a type of glaucoma associated with a physically obstructed anterior chamber angle. For example, contact between the iris and lens at the pupillary margin creates a pupillary block that increases resistance to aqueous outflow. Obstruction of the anterior chamber angle blocks drainage of fluids (aqueous humor) within the eye and may raise intraocular pressure (IOP)…
  • [Superior vena cava syndrome associated with bilateral angle closure glaucoma]. [Case Reports]
    Orv Hetil. 2022 Dec 04; 163(49):1967-1971.Elekes Á, Vámosi P
  • Superior vena cava syndrome is a set of symptoms resulting from partial or complete blockage of the superior vena cava. In the majority of cases, it develops secondary to lung tumors and lymphoma. It is characterized by edema of the head, neck, and upper limbs, large veins, and dyspnoea. Ophthalmological changes related to the syndrome rarely occur: eyelid swelling, conjunctival chemosis and suff…
  • Glaucoma in Pregnancy: Know What Next!! [Case Reports]
    J Obstet Gynaecol India. 2022 Dec; 72(Suppl 2):366-368.Pol S, Upasani SD
  • Glaucoma is a complex disease which when encountered in pregnancy poses a challenge to the woman's obstetrician and her ophthalmologist. The dilemma arises while opting the line of management, either medical or surgical which requires balancing the clinical disease of the mother with the potential threat of therapy to the growing child. Such was our case an elderly primigravida 10 weeks of gestat…
  • Bilateral posterior scleritis due to giant cell arteritis. [Case Reports]
    BMJ Case Rep. 2022 Nov 25; 15(11)Karimi A, Wong TLE, Negretti G
  • A woman aged mid 70s with mild learning difficulty presented with eye symptoms, headache and shoulder pains. She was found to have bilateral posterior scleritis secondary to giant cell arteritis. Posterior scleritis is a potentially blinding condition, with ambiguous symptoms and signs, therefore diagnosis is commonly delayed. This patient was seen in General Practice as well as in Accident and E…
  • Updates on the Diagnosis and Management of Glaucoma. [Review]
    Mayo Clin Proc Innov Qual Outcomes. 2022 Dec; 6(6):618-635.Wagner IV, Stewart MW, Dorairaj SK
  • Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness throughout the world (after cataracts); therefore, general physicians should be familiar with the diagnosis and management of affected patients. Glaucomas are usually categorized by the anatomy of the anterior chamber angle (open vs narrow/closed), rapidity of onset (acute vs chronic), and major etiology (primary vs secondary). Most glaucomas are primary…
  • COVID-19 Vaccine-Associated Ocular Adverse Effects: An Overview. [Review]
    Vaccines (Basel). 2022 Nov 07; 10(11)Ichhpujani P, Parmar UPS, … Kumar S
  • CONCLUSIONS: Evidence regarding the ocular adverse effects does not outweigh the benefits of SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in patients with pre-existing systemic or ophthalmic diseases. This review provides insights into the possible temporal association between reported ocular adverse events and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines; however, further investigations are required to identify the link between potential causality and pathological mechanisms.
  • StatPearls: Posner Schlossman Syndrome [BOOK]
    StatPearls. StatPearls Publishing: Treasure Island (FL)OkonkwoOgugua N.ONEye Foundation HospitalTripathyKoushikKBOOK
  • Posner and Schlossman first published a series of nine patients with the characteristic presentation of unique glaucoma, with open anterior angles of the anterior chamber, associated with unilateral acute elevations in intraocular pressure (IOP) in 1948.[1][2] This disease later became known as the Posner Schlossman syndrome (PSS). PSS is also called the glaucomatocyclitic crisis.[3] It is a unil…
  • Evaluations of aqueous humor protein markers in different types of glaucoma. [Journal Article]
    Medicine (Baltimore). 2022 Oct 14; 101(41):e31048.Chen H, Zheng G, … Xu L
  • To compare the concentrations of protein markers in aqueous humor (AH) of patients with primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG), chronic angle-closure glaucoma (CACG), acute primary angle closure (APAC), and cataract without glaucoma as the control group. AH samples were collected at the beginning of surgery from 82 eyes of 82 patients who were divided into POAG (n = 23), CACG (n = 21), APAC (n = 19),…
  • Perioperative Care of the Patient with Eye Pathologies Undergoing Nonocular Surgery. [Journal Article]
    Anesthesiology. 2022 11 01; 137(5):620-643.Roth S, Moss HE, … Sweitzer B
  • The authors reviewed perioperative ocular complications and implications of ocular diseases during nonocular surgeries. Exposure keratopathy, the most common perioperative eye injury, is preventable. Ischemic optic neuropathy, the leading cause of perioperative blindness, has well-defined risk factors. The incidence of ischemic optic neuropathy after spine fusion, but not cardiac surgery, has bee…
  • StatPearls: Lens Induced Glaucoma [BOOK]
    StatPearls. StatPearls Publishing: Treasure Island (FL)ShahShalin S.SSGuru Nanak Eye Centre, New DelhiMeyerJay J.JJUniversity of AucklandBOOK
  • Lens-induced glaucoma (LIG) was originally described by Gifford in 1900 as glaucoma associated with hyper-mature senile cataracts (HMSC). Von Ruess independently described LIG as glaucoma with spontaneous absorption of lens matter through an intact capsule.[1] The literature has a multitude of similar entities described over the decades. LIG is secondary glaucoma mimicking acute angle-closure gla…
  • [Drug-induced acute angle closure glaucoma]. [Journal Article]
    Rev Med Liege. 2022 Sep; 77(9):516-520.Masereel M, Bonnet S, Marchand S
  • Acute angle closure glaucoma is an ophthalmic emergency that can lead to blindness in some cases. The presenting signs are often suggestive, like ocular pain and blurred vision accompanied by headache, nausea and vomiting. These symptoms must be recognized as soon as possible, and the patient must be addressed, urgently, to an ophthalmologist for treatment. Many drugs may lead to an acute angle c…
  • Gonioscopy-assisted transluminal trabeculotomy in neovascular glaucoma: Salvaging the conventional outflow pathway. [Case Reports]
    Am J Ophthalmol Case Rep. 2022 Dec; 28:101668.Kanter JA, Amin P, … Qiu M
  • CONCLUSIONS: To our knowledge, this is the first reported attempt of an ab interno angle surgery to successfully restore aqueous outflow through the conventional outflow pathway in an eye with acute NVG and partial synechial angle closure. We posit that this can be an effective approach to achieve IOP control in NVG with at least partially open angles, as long as sufficient anti-neovascular treatments are administered until the underlying neovascular drive achieves quiescence.
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