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  • Pharmacologic management of weight regain following bariatric surgery. [Journal Article]
    Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). 2022; 13:1043595.Lucas E, Simmons O, … Aronne L
  • While bariatric surgery restults in significant long-term weight loss for most patients with obesity, post-surgical weight gain affects a considerable percentage of patients to varying degrees of severity. Furthermore, a small but significant percentage of patients experience inadequate post-surgical weight loss. Although many studies have examined the role of anti-obesity medications to address …
  • Lorcaserin and phentermine exert anti-obesity effects with modulation of the gut microbiota. [Journal Article]
    Front Microbiol. 2022; 13:1109651.Song EJ, Shin NR, … Kim H
  • Although drugs have been reported to modulate the gut microbiota, the effects of anti-obesity drugs on the gut microbiota remain unclear. Lorcaserin (LS) and phentermine (PT) are commonly used anti-obesity drugs. However, to our best knowledge, no studies have simultaneously assessed the effects of LS and PT on obesity and gut microbiota. This study aimed to explore the relationship between the a…
  • Positive Regadenoson Stress Test in a Patient on Phentermine With Normal Coronaries. [Case Reports]
    Cureus. 2022 Dec; 14(12):e32138.Sendil S, Gjergjindreaj M, … Fernandez R
  • Obesity is a well-established cardiovascular (CV) risk factor with greater mortality and morbidity rates than the general population. Phentermine is a weight loss medication that is approved for short-term obesity treatment in conjunction with lifestyle modifications to decrease CV risk. A 51-year-old female with Raynaud's phenomenon who was started on phentermine one week prior presented with a …
  • Real-World Experience of the Efficacy and Safety of Phentermine Use in Adolescents: A Case Series. [Journal Article]
    Child Obes. 2022 Dec 19 [Online ahead of print]Ali Ibrahim AI, Mendoza B, … Malhotra S
  • Background: Pharmacotherapy has emerged as a practical option for weight management in pediatrics. This study aims to assess the effectiveness and safety of phentermine use in pediatric patients with obesity. Methods: We performed a retrospective single-center analysis of patients younger than or equal to 18 years of age, over 10 years, who underwent phentermine treatment and recommended lifestyl…
  • Risk Factors, Clinical Consequences, Prevention, and Treatment of Childhood Obesity. [Review]
    Children (Basel). 2022 Dec 16; 9(12)Shaban Mohamed MA, AbouKhatwa MM, … Elnaem MH
  • Obesity might adversely affect the health and well-being of children and their families. Childhood obesity has crucial implications for health, both during childhood and as they age. It is highly associated with many acute problems and is commonly present during childhood, making visits and hospital admissions polarized in this group of children. The problems that may affect these children can be…
  • A Rare Case of Phentermine-Induced Nonischemic Cardiomyopathy. [Case Reports]
    Cureus. 2022 Nov; 14(11):e31114.Damani D, Hassan M, … Edwards BP
  • Obesity is a global epidemic with steadily increasing prevalence in most countries. Weight loss is generally challenging for patients to tackle in the face of the temptation to overeat and avoid physical activity. Hence, clinicians and patients alike are likely to steer toward the use of anorexigens. We report the case of a 33-year-old female with no significant cardiac history who presented with…
  • Multi-country review of ITN routine distribution data: are ANC and EPI channels achieving their potential? [Review]
    Malar J. 2022 Dec 03; 21(1):366.Miller JE, Malm K, … Nuñez L
  • CONCLUSIONS: The importance of optimizing ANC and EPI routine channels cannot be underscored enough. They are at the frontline to protect the most biologically vulnerable populations, i.e., pregnant women and unborn and young children. Although there are encouraging signs of improvement in issuing rates with some countries reaching optimal rates, further improvements are needed to ensure that every pregnant woman and young child receives the ITN to which they are entitled.
  • FDA-Approved Pharmacotherapy for Weight Loss Over the Last Decade. [Review]
    Cureus. 2022 Sep; 14(9):e29262.Idrees Z, Cancarevic I, Huang L
  • Obesity is a recently defined illness whose diagnosis and treatment continue to be stigmatized. Currently, due to lifestyle changes brought on by technological advancements and the wide availability and affordability of high-calorie foods, millions of people around the world suffer from obesity and/or its sequelae. Finding adequate prevention and treatment options would therefore lead to massive …
  • Incorporating measurement variability when comparing sets of high-resolution mass spectra. [Journal Article]
    Anal Chim Acta. 2022 Oct 16; 1230:340247.Roberts MJ, Moorthy AS, … Kearsley AJ
  • Mass spectra are an important signature by which compounds can be identified. We recently formulated a mathematical approach for incorporating measurement variability when comparing sets of high-resolution mass spectra. Leveraging replicate mass spectra, we construct high-dimensional consensus mass spectra-representing each of the compared analytes-and compute the similarity between these data st…
  • Which is the optimal antiobesity agent for patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease? [Review]
    Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). 2022; 13:984041.Tsankof A, Neokosmidis G, … Tziomalos K
  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the commonest chronic liver disease and affects a considerable proportion of the general population worldwide. Obesity is a major risk factor for development and progression of NAFLD and weight loss is an effective intervention for the management of NAFLD. However, few patients achieve substantial and sustained weight loss with lifestyle measures. There…
  • Phentermine/Topiramate: Pediatric First Approval. [Review]
    Paediatr Drugs. 2022 Nov; 24(6):715-720.Dhillon S
  • Phentermine/topiramate extended-release capsule (Qsymia®) is a fixed-dose combination of phentermine and topiramate, which is being developed by VIVUS (a subsidiary of Icahn Enterprises) for the treatment of obesity, sleep apnoea syndrome, type 2 diabetes mellitus and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). The once-daily formulation of phentermine (a sympathomimetic amine) and topiramate is design…
  • Mother To Baby | Fact Sheet: Phentermine [BOOK]
    Mother To Baby | Fact Sheet. Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS): BrentwoodBOOK
  • This sheet talks about exposure to phentermine in a pregnancy and while breastfeeding. This information should not take the place of medical care and advice from your healthcare provider.
  • Stimulant use in suicides: A systematic review. [Review]
    Forensic Sci Int. 2022 Sep; 338:111391.Mantinieks D, Schumann J, … Gerostamoulos D
  • Suicide remains a global public health concern and the increased supply and use of synthetic stimulants globally may have implications for the burden of suicides attributable to substance use. This systematic review investigated any potential associations of stimulant use detected in post-mortem biological specimens and suicides. We conducted a systematic review and narrative synthesis (CRD420212…
  • Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed): Phentermine [BOOK]
    Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed). National Library of Medicine (US): Bethesda (MD)BOOK
  • No information is available on the use of phentermine during breastfeeding. Phentermine and its combination with topiramate are not recommended during breastfeeding.
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