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(Adult Still's disease)
2,454 results
  • Adult-onset still's disease and budd-chiari syndrome: A case report. [Case Reports]
    Clin Case Rep. 2023 Jan; 11(1):e6825.Hakamifard A, Aria A, Momenzadeh M
  • Adult onset still's disease (AOSD) is a rare autoinflammatory disease displaying with a wide range of non-specific symptoms and budd-chiari syndrome (BCS) is an uncommon disorder characterized by obstruction of hepatic venous outflow. We present the case of a young patient who presented with persistent fever, sore throat, elbow, hand fingers and knees arthralgia with abdominal pain. The patient's…
  • Proposal of a new diagnostic algorithm for adult-onset Still's disease. [Journal Article]
    Clin Rheumatol. 2023 Jan 25 [Online ahead of print]Daghor-Abbaci K, Ait Hamadouche N, … Berrah A
  • CONCLUSIONS: The proposed new algorithm could be a good diagnostic tool for adult-onset Still's disease in clinical practice and research. Key Points • A diagnostic algorithm was performed to help the physician in the diagnostic approach of AOSD. • The points-based score included in this algorithm had a high sensitivity and accuracy. • This diagnostic algorithm can be useful in the clinical research.
  • The Expanding Spectrum of Autoinflammatory Diseases. [Journal Article]
    Intern Med. 2023; 62(1):43-50.Migita K, Fujita Y, … Sato S
  • Autoinflammatory diseases are systemic disorders caused by genetic or acquired abnormalities in certain signaling pathways of the innate immune system. Dysregulated activation of the inflammasome, i.e. molecular platforms responsible for the activation of caspase-1 and production of interleukin-1β, causes autoinflammation. Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF), the most common genetic autoinflammato…
  • Comprehensive description of adult-onset Still's disease after COVID-19 vaccination. [Journal Article]
    J Autoimmun. 2022 Dec 16; 134:102980.Palassin P, Bres V, … French Network of Pharmacovigilance Centers
  • Cases of adult-onset Still's disease (AOSD) have been reported after COVID-19 vaccination. Here we provide a comprehensive description and analysis of all cases of AOSD reported in the literature and in pharmacovigilance databases through April 2022. Disproportionality analyses of pharmacovigilance data were performed in order to further explore the association between vaccination and AOSD. We in…
  • First report of a patient meeting criteria for both multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children and adult onset Still's disease. [Journal Article]
    BMC Rheumatol. 2022 Dec 28; 6(1):87.Alexandri M, Patel J, … Coule LW
  • CONCLUSIONS: MAS is a life-threatening rheumatological emergency, and physicians must be able to identify diseases, like MIS-C and AOSD, that may be complicated by MAS. Our patient's distinguishing feature on presentation was symmetrical polyarticular arthralgia/arthritis, which has not been associated with MIS-C. Simultaneously, AOSD-which is associated with polyarticular arthralgia/arthritis-is only now being recognized as a possible post-infectious entity in the aftermath of COVID-19 infection. In patients like our own, who meet criteria for both MIS-C and AOSD, administering first line treatment for both diseases may be best practice.
  • Rare But Fatal: Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) With Acute Acalculous Cholecystitis. [Case Reports]
    Cureus. 2022 Nov; 14(11):e31737.Javed F, Crouch J, Combs E
  • Acalculous cholecystitis is an acute inflammatory disease of the gall bladder with high morbidity and mortality rate. It can be seen in trauma, burns, sepsis, total parenteral nutrition, prolonged fasting, and autoimmune diseases. However, there are very few reports of acalculous cholecystitis with macrophage activation syndrome (MAS) and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) in patients with …
  • Bilateral dacryoadenitis in adult-onset Still's disease: A case report. [Case Reports]
    Open Life Sci. 2022; 17(1):1612-1616.Huang Q, He W
  • We present an unusual case of bilateral dacryoadenitis in a middle-aged patient with adult-onset Still's disease (AOSD). We reviewed relevant clinical studies addressing the association between lacrimal lesions and AOSD. A 50-year-old Chinese woman with a 4 year history of recurrent fever and rashes was admitted to the hospital. She had also developed nodules on both eyelids 10 months before admi…
  • Clinical features and serum cytokine profiles of elderly-onset adult-onset Still's disease. [Journal Article]
    Sci Rep. 2022 12 09; 12(1):21334.Yagishita M, Tsuboi H, … Matsumoto I
  • Recent studies have suggested that the clinical features of elderly-onset adult-onset Still's disease (AOSD) differ from those of young and middle-aged-onset patients, whereas the details remain unclear, and cytokine profiles of elderly-onset AOSD have not been reported. To clarify the clinical features and cytokine profiles of elderly-onset AOSD, we examined patients with AOSD who developed the …
  • Systematic review on the use of biologics in adult-onset still's disease. [Review]
    Semin Arthritis Rheum. 2023 02; 58:152139.Fautrel B, Patterson J, … Giacomelli R
  • This systematic review (SR) describes the efficacy and safety of biologic disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (bDMARDs) for patients with adult-onset Still's disease (AOSD). Three randomised controlled trials (RCTs), one retrospective case series of multiple interventions, and 17 case series of single interventions met the inclusion criteria for this SR. Comparisons of biologic therapy in AOSD…
  • Adult-onset Still's disease after ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine: a possible association. [Case Reports]
    Autops Case Rep. 2022; 12:e2021403.Albertino LF, Moulaz IR, … Machado KLLL
  • With emergent Sars-Cov-2, a highly transmissive virus that caused millions of deaths worldwide, the development of vaccines became urgent to combat COVID-19. Although rare, important adverse effects had been described in a hypothetical scenario of immune system overstimulation or overreaction. Still's disease is a rare inflammatory syndrome of unknown etiology. It manifests as a cytokine storm, m…
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