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(Airway obstruction upper)
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  • Evolution of sleep-disordered breathing and blood pressure during menopausal transition. [Journal Article]
    J Sleep Res. 2023 Feb 03 [Online ahead of print]Rimpilä V, Lampio L, … Polo O
  • The purpose of this study was to investigate how the blood pressure increase observed during menopausal transition is affected by sleep-disordered breathing and the menopause itself. Further, we aimed to find new sleep-disordered breathing related markers that would predict the development of hypertension. Sixty-four community-dwelling premenopausal women aged 45-47 years were studied. Polysomnog…
  • "The Use of Endonasal Spreader Grafts in Preservation Rhinoplasty". [Journal Article]
    Plast Reconstr Surg. 2022 Nov 21 [Online ahead of print]Go BC, Frost AS, Friedman O
  • CONCLUSIONS: Rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure that requires surgical finesse and precision to sculpt a framework that suits each patient's unique anatomical needs. Extensive resection may lead to nasal valve incompetence, causing obstructive symptoms associated with reduced quality of life. Numerous techniques have been described to help preserve and open the nasal airway, thereby mitigating valvular obstructive problems. In particular, the endonasal spreader graft is a common technique used to widen the internal nasal valve cross-sectional area while limiting external incisions and preserving local nasal structures. Preservation rhinoplasty is a variation of the traditional rhinoplasty that can lower the nasal dorsum without causing major disruption to the nasal keystone area, the junction between the middle and upper thirds of the nose. This study describes the successful and safe combination of these two surgical operations, demonstrating 3 case examples, who all reported improved post-operative nasal obstruction symptoms. Using endonasal spreader grafts in preservation rhinoplasty allows providers to manage the nasal valve and nasal dorsum similarly to the external approach without extensive deconstruction and reconstruction.
  • Chronic Otitis Media in Patients with Chronic Rhinosinusitis: A Systematic Review. [Review]
    Medicina (Kaunas). 2023 Jan 08; 59(1)Brescia G, Frosolini A, … Marioni G
  • Introduction: Chronic otitis media (COM) and chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) are two of the most common otolaryngological disorders. CRS and COM share pathophysiological mechanisms such as bacterial infection, biofilm, and the persistence of the obstruction state of ventilation routes. The purpose of this systematic review was to evaluate all available information on the association between COM and …
  • Role of functional and anatomic study in sleep endoscopy for treatment of OSA. [Journal Article]
    Acta Otorhinolaryngol Ital. 2022 Dec; 42(6):554-559.Marzetti A, Tripodi C, Raponi I
  • CONCLUSIONS: DISE is fundamental to determine the collapse site in patients affected by obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome. The velopharyngeal region is the most common site of obstruction and lateral pharyngeal wall collapse is the major determining factor. DISE can lead to a deeper understanding of the obstructive dynamic patterns and a more precise identification of the muscle bundles responsible for upper airway collapse.
  • Transient Atrial Fibrillation After Epinephrine Use for Anaphylaxis. [Case Reports]
    Cureus. 2022 Dec; 14(12):e32230.Dahye P, Khan A
  • Anaphylaxis is defined as a generalized or systemic hypersensitivity reaction that occurs after exposure to certain antigens. Clinical presentations vary but life-threatening symptoms include upper and lower airway obstruction, which requires immediate treatment. Current standard treatment for anaphylactic shock includes epinephrine and volume resuscitation. Cardiac symptoms after epinephrine tre…
  • Spontaneous Retropharyngeal Haematoma Causing Upper Airway Obstruction in a Child: Case Report. [Case Reports]
    Int Med Case Rep J. 2022; 15:739-743.Kabagenyi F, Hidour R
  • Bleeding into the retropharyngeal region in children is an unusual cause of acute upper airway obstruction. Even in the absence of known risk factors or aetiology, this rare entity should be considered as one of the differential diagnoses of retropharyngeal swellings in children. Prompt surgical intervention is required whenever rapid progression to airway obstruction is observed. In this case re…
  • Surgical tips and techniques to avoid complications of thyroid surgery. [Review]
    Innov Surg Sci. 2022 Dec; 7(3-4):115-123.Stefanou CK, Papathanakos G, … Kitsoulis P
  • Surgery of the thyroid takes place in a body part with complicated anatomy and several vital physiologic functions. Thyroidectomy is rarely associated with mortality but can be followed by significant complications, (i.e. hypoparathyroidism, hemorrhage, upper airway obstruction, laryngeal nerve injuries and thyrotoxic storm). This review aims to indicate surgical tips and techniques to sustain a …
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