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51 results
  • Multifractal analysis of social media use in financial markets. [Journal Article]
    J Korean Phys Soc. 2022; 80(6):526-532.Oh G
  • We analyze the nonlinear properties of social media activity(SMA) using the multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis (MF-DFA) method. Social media data related to the stock market are gathered from social media platforms. Using data on over 2000 firms in the Korean stock market for 2018-2020, we study social media activity and its differences to evaluate associated nonlinear and statistical pr…
  • Cavity-Enhanced Immunoassay Measurements in Microtiter Plates Using BBCEAS. [Journal Article]
    Anal Chem. 2016 05 17; 88(10):5264-70.Bajuszova Z, Ali Z, … Islam M
  • We report on the first detailed use of broadband cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy (BBCEAS) as a detection system for immunoassay. A vertical R ≥ 0.99 optical cavity was integrated with a motorized XY stage, which functioned as a receptacle for 96-well microtiter plates. The custom-built cavity enhanced microplate reader was used to make measurements on a commercially available osteocalcin …
  • The self- and foreign-absorption continua of water vapor by cavity ring-down spectroscopy near 2.35 μm. [Journal Article]
    Phys Chem Chem Phys. 2015 Jul 21; 17(27):17762-70.Mondelain D, Vasilchenko S, … Campargue A
  • The room temperature self- and foreign-continua of water vapor have been measured near 4250 cm(-1) with a newly developed high sensitivity cavity ring down spectrometer (CRDS). The typical sensitivity of the recordings is αmin≈ 6 × 10(-10) cm(-1) which is two orders of magnitude better than previous Fourier transform spectroscopy (FTS) measurements in the spectral region. The investigated spectra…
  • THz quartz-enhanced photoacoustic sensor for H₂S trace gas detection. [Journal Article]
    Opt Express. 2015 Mar 23; 23(6):7574-82.Spagnolo V, Patimisco P, … Tittel FK
  • We report on a quartz-enhanced photoacoustic (QEPAS) gas sensing system for hydrogen sulphide (H₂S) detection. The system architecture is based on a custom quartz tuning fork (QTF) optoacoustic transducer with a novel geometry and a quantum cascade laser (QCL) emitting 1.1 mW at a frequency of 2.913 THz. The QTF operated on the first flexion resonance frequency of 2871 Hz, with a quality factor Q…
  • Characteristic times of biased random walks on complex networks. [Journal Article]
    Phys Rev E Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys. 2014 Jan; 89(1):012803.Bonaventura M, Nicosia V, Latora V
  • We consider degree-biased random walkers whose probability to move from a node to one of its neighbors of degree k is proportional to k(α), where α is a tuning parameter. We study both numerically and analytically three types of characteristic times, namely (i) the time the walker needs to come back to the starting node, (ii) the time it takes to visit a given node for the first time, and (iii) t…
  • Linear cavity optical-feedback cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy with a quantum cascade laser. [Journal Article]
    Opt Lett. 2013 Jul 15; 38(14):2475-7.Bergin AG, Hancock G, … Weidmann D
  • A cw distributed feedback quantum cascade laser (DFB-QCL) coupled to a two-mirror linear optical cavity has been used to successfully demonstrate optical-feedback cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy (OF-CEAS) at 5.5 μm. The noise-equivalent absorption coefficient, α(min), was 2.4×10(-8) cm(-1) for 1 s averaging, limited by etalon-fringing. The temporal stability of the instrument allows NO de…
  • Extending high-finesse cavity techniques to the far-infrared. [Journal Article]
    Rev Sci Instrum. 2013 Jul; 84(7):075107.Alligood DePrince B, Rocher BE, … Widicus Weaver SL
  • Sensitive spectroscopic techniques involving high-finesse Fabry-Perot resonators are widely used in the microwave and near-infrared spectral regimes, but hardware limitations have hindered their extension to far-infrared wavelengths. While there is no theoretical limit to the frequency region where cavity-enhanced techniques are practical, the sensitivity of these methods does depend explicitly o…
  • Multipass millimeter/submillimeter spectrometer to probe dissociative reaction dynamics. [Journal Article]
    J Phys Chem A. 2013 Oct 03; 117(39):9548-54.Laas JC, Hays BM, Widicus Weaver SL
  • We present here the instrument design and first experimental results from a multipass millimeter/submillimeter spectrometer designed to probe dissociative reaction dynamics. This work focuses on benchmarking the instrument performance through detection of the CH3O and H2CO products from methanol dissociation induced by a high-voltage plasma discharge. Multiple rotational lines from CH3O and H2CO …
  • Effects of molting on the visual acuity of the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus. [Journal Article]
    J Exp Biol. 2011 Sep 15; 214(Pt 18):3055-61.Baldwin J, Johnsen S
  • In crustaceans with compound eyes, the corneal lens of each facet is part of the exoskeleton and thus shed during molting. Here we used an optomotor assay to evaluate the impact of molting on visual acuity (as measured by the minimum resolvable angle, α(min)) in the female blue crab, Callinectes sapidus. We found that visual acuity decreases substantially in the days prior to molting and is gradu…
  • Demonstration of cavity enhanced FTIR spectroscopy using a femtosecond laser absorption source. [Journal Article]
    Spectrochim Acta A Mol Biomol Spectrosc. 2010 Jan; 75(1):142-5.Kassi S, Didriche K, … Herman M
  • A proof of principle experiment was performed by recording the cavity enhanced absorption spectrum of the weak b-X transition of molecular oxygen in the atmosphere using a Ti:Sa femtosecond laser as an absorption source and a high resolution continuous scan Fourier transform interferometer. The cavity was mode matched and either continuously scanned or stabilized at the so-called magic point. An …
  • Liquid-phase broadband cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy (BBCEAS) studies in a 20 cm cell. [Journal Article]
    Analyst. 2009 Sep; 134(9):1887-95.Seetohul LN, Ali Z, Islam M
  • Sensitive liquid-phase measurements have been made in a 20 cm cell using broadband cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy (BBCEAS). The cavity was formed by two high reflectivity mirrors which were in direct contact with the liquid-phase analytes. Careful choice of solvent was required to minimise the effect of background solvent absorptions. Measurements were made on the broad absorber Sudan bl…
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