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(Anemia iron deficiency)
17,593 results
  • [Iron deficiency reduces systemic inflammation in obese women]. [Journal Article]
  • WLWiad Lek 2018; 71(2 pt 2):326-330
  • Nedoborenko VM, Lavrenko AV, … Kaidashev IP
  • CONCLUSIONS: Conclusions: The level of systemic inflammation in iron deficiency anemia in patients with obesity is lower than in patients with iron deficiency anemia, which was determined by levels of interleukin-6 and C-reactive protein in the blood serum.
  • Suspecting Hyperferritinemic Sepsis in Iron-Deficient Population: Do We Need a Lower Plasma Ferritin Threshold? [Journal Article]
  • PCPediatr Crit Care Med 2018 May 18
  • Ghosh S, Baranwal AK, … Nallasamy K
  • CONCLUSIONS: Ferritin rises significantly in septic shock patients despite iron deficiency and seems to correlate with the severity of inflammation and organ dysfunction. Even a lower threshold (of 500 or 1,000 ng/mL) could predict higher mortality. It may suggest the need for redefining the plasma ferritin threshold for suspecting hyperferritinemic sepsis and sepsis-induced macrophage activation syndrome in these patients. Larger studies with frequent ferritin measurements are desirable to validate these initial observations.
  • [The Role of Hepcidin in Formation of Anemia of Chronic Disease and Iron Deficiency Anemia in Elderly and Old Patients With Chronic Heart Failure]. [Journal Article]
  • KKardiologiia 2018; (3):20-27
  • Solomakhina NI, Nakhodnova ES, … Belenkov YN
  • CONCLUSIONS: In patients with CHF and ACD mean H levels were significantly high relative to those in patients with CHF and IDA, while in the latter group H levels were insignificantly low relative to those in patients of control group. High H level, high level of inflammatory tests as well as positive correlations between them, and negative correlation between H and hemoglobin (Hb) are indicative of inflammation as a cause of H level elevation, which in turn facilitates development of anemia in elderly and very old patients with CHF and ACD. Low H level, normal levels of inflammatory tests, absence of links between them, as well as absence of correlation between H and Hb are indicative of lack of H role in development of anemia in these patients with CHF and IDA. We did not study influence on development of anemia of each of possible causes (inflammation, decompensation of CHF) separately, therefore contribution of each of them is unknown. The data obtained also do not exclude effect of other not investigated in this work and presently unknown factors. Received by us data indicate to necessity of precise identification of origin of anemia in every case in an elderly or very old patient with CHF with the aim of elimination of its cause and conduct of pathogenetically valid therapy.
  • Creation of a new hospital service for iron therapy. [Review]
  • TATransfus Apher Sci 2018 Apr 19
  • Livraghi A, Martinasso A, … Perotti C
  • Iron deficiency anemia is one of the widespread forms of anemia worldwide with important consequences on public health in general and in the management of the hospital blood supply in particular. In ...
  • Iron absorption from beans with different contents of iron, evaluated by stable isotopes. [Journal Article]
  • CNClin Nutr ESPEN 2018; 25:121-125
  • Junqueira-Franco MVM, Dutra de Oliveira JE, … Marchini JS
  • CONCLUSIONS: This study tested the iron absorption from a single bean meal in healthy volunteers or non anemics, In the present study the iron absorption ratio from common bean Pontal (PO), targeted for biofortification and compared with common bean BRS Estilo was not significantly different. The iron concentration of the TBB, probably was not sufficient to improve higher bioavailability. It is recommended to evaluate the not only the absorption of iron in cultivars that present a higher difference in iron concentration but also in association with other components of the Brazilian diet, such as rice and beans.
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