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(Anorectal pain)
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  • Comparing the efficacy and safety of different analgesic strategies after open hemorrhoidectomy: a systematic review and network meta-analysis. [Review]
    Int J Colorectal Dis. 2023 Jan 07; 38(1):4.Yang Y, Feng K, … Li G
  • CONCLUSIONS: Diltiazem ointment may be the most effective medication for pain relief following open hemorrhoidectomy, and it can dramatically reduce pain within one week of surgery. The second and third recommended medications are BT and sucralfate ointment. GTN has a significant advantage in alleviating pain 24 h after open hemorrhoidectomy, but whether it causes headache is debatable; thus, it should be used with caution. EA's analgesic efficacy is still unknown. There was limited evidence on the safety of the intervention in this study, and it was simply presented statistically.
  • Understanding the Female Physical Examination in Patients with Chronic Pelvic and Perineal Pain. [Journal Article]
    J Clin Med. 2022 Dec 17; 11(24)Pereira A, Fuentes L, … Perez-Medina T
  • (1) Background: The objective was to compare the exploration of chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) patients in different locations and establish the role of physical examination in CPPS patients. (2) Methods: We reviewed clinical data from 107 female patients with CPPS unresponsive to conventional therapies at Puerta de Hierro University Hospital Madrid, Spain, from May 2018 to June 2022. Patien…
  • Unilateral sacral erector spinae plane block for lower limb surgery in children. [Case Reports]
    Anaesth Rep. 2022 Jul-Dec; 10(2):e12199.Gupta A, Kaur J, Kumar R
  • The erector spinae plane block is a versatile regional anaesthesia technique used for a variety of truncal surgeries. A novel variation is the sacral erector spinae plane block which is gaining popularity for perineal and anorectal procedures. Local anaesthetic injected at this level blocks the sacral dermatomes and has the potential for more proximal spread to involve lumbar nerve fibres via spr…
  • Myocarditis in monkeypox-infected patients: a case series. [Journal Article]
    Clin Microbiol Infect. 2022 Dec 09 [Online ahead of print]Dumont M, Guilhou T, … de La Porte des Vaux C
  • CONCLUSIONS: These cases suggest an association between monkeypox infections and cardiac inflammatory complications. The development of chest pain in an infected patient should not be underestimated and should lead to prompt investigations for myocarditis. Monkeypox infection should also be included in the differential diagnosis of myocarditis, particularly in at-risk patients such as men who have sex with men with multiple partners in whom complete examination for skin or mucosal lesions should thus be performed.
  • Association of In Utero Antipsychotic Medication Exposure With Risk of Congenital Malformations in Nordic Countries and the US. [Journal Article]
    JAMA Psychiatry. 2023 Feb 01; 80(2):156-166.Huybrechts KF, Straub L, … Kieler H
  • CONCLUSIONS: In this study, considering the evidence from primary and sensitivity analyses and inevitable statistical noise for very rare exposure-outcome combinations, in utero antipsychotic exposure generally was not meaningfully associated with an increased risk of malformations. The observed increased risks of oral clefts associated with olanzapine, gastroschisis, and other specific brain anomalies with atypical antipsychotics and cardiac malformations with chlorprothixene requires confirmation as evidence continues to accumulate.
  • [Expert consensus on clinical application of Fufang Jingjie for Fumigation and Washing]. [Journal Article]
    Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi. 2022 Nov; 47(21):5961-5964.
  • Fufang Jingjie for Fumigation and Washing is one of the commonly used and effective drugs for external fumigation and washing of traditional Chinese medicine, it has the functions of dispelling wind, drying and dampness, alleviating edema, and reducing swelling, relieving pain and relieving itching. It is widely used for the treatment of external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoi…
  • StatPearls: Pudendal Nerve Block [BOOK]
    StatPearls. StatPearls Publishing: Treasure Island (FL)GhanavatianShirinSMayo ClinicDerianArmenAMayo ClinicBOOK
  • Pudendal nerve block (PNB) is the method of choice utilized for diagnosis and management of chronic pelvic pain caused by pudendal neuralgia, commonly due to pudendal nerve entrapment. Additionally, a pudendal nerve block is a widely used regional anesthesia technique performed for gynecology, obstetrics, and anorectal procedures. 
  • Monkeypox. [Review]
    Lancet. 2023 01 07; 401(10370):60-74.Mitjà O, Ogoina D, … Orkin CM
  • Monkeypox is a zoonotic illness caused by the monkeypox virus, an Orthopoxvirus in the same genus as the variola, vaccinia, and cowpox viruses. Since the detection of the first human case in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1970, the disease has caused sporadic infections and outbreaks, mainly restricted to some countries in west and central Africa. In July, 2022, WHO declared monkeypox a …
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