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(Anxiety disorders)
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  • Toward a causal model of chronic back pain: Challenges and opportunities. [Review]
    Front Comput Neurosci. 2022; 16:1017412.Huie JR, Vashisht R, … O'Neill C
  • Chronic low back pain (cLBP) afflicts 8. 2% of adults in the United States, and is the leading global cause of disability. Neuropsychiatric co-morbidities including anxiety, depression, and substance abuse- are common in cLBP patients. In particular, cLBP is a risk factor for opioid addiction, as more than 50% of opioid prescriptions in the United States are for cLBP. Misuse of these prescription…
  • Genetic liability to major psychiatric disorders contributes to multi-faceted quality of life outcomes in children and adults. [Preprint]
    medRxiv. 2023 Jan 18Shi Y, Franke B, … Sprooten E
  • CONCLUSIONS: The present study reveals an inverse relationship between psychiatric genetic liabilities and multiple quality of life metrics, with ADHD-associated genetic risk being the main contributor in both children and adults, and MDD additionally showing effects in adults. All effect sizes observed were small, as expected. Understanding potential real-world outcomes of quantitative measures of disorder-related genetic risks in the general population can provide a scientific foundation for societal intervention and policy-making processes, with profound implications for promoting a flourishing society.
  • Implantable flexible multielectrode arrays for multi-site sensing of serotonin tonic levels. [Preprint]
    bioRxiv. 2023 Jan 20Castagnola E, Robbins EM, … Cui XT
  • Real-time multi-channel measurements of tonic serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-HT) concentrations across different brain regions are of utmost importance to the understanding of 5-HT’s role in anxiety, depression, and impulse control disorders, which will improve the diagnosis and treatment of these neuropsychiatric illnesses. Chronic sampling of 5-HT is critical in tracking disease developmen…
  • Behavioral lateralization of mice varying in serotonin transporter genotype. [Journal Article]
    Front Behav Neurosci. 2022; 16:1095567.Stieger B, Wesseler Y, … Richter SH
  • In humans, non-right-handedness is associated with a higher incidence of psychiatric disorders. Since serotonin seems to be involved in both, the development of psychiatric disorders and lateralization, the present study focuses on the effect of the serotonin transporter (5-HTT) gene on behavioral lateralization. For this, we used the 5-HTT knockout mouse model, a well-established animal model fo…
  • Feasibility, acceptability and practicality of transcranial stimulation in obsessive compulsive symptoms (FEATSOCS): A randomised controlled crossover trial. [Journal Article]
    Compr Psychiatry. 2023 Jan 26; 122:152371.Fineberg NA, Cinosi E, … Baldwin DS
  • CONCLUSIONS: tDCS was acceptable, practicable to apply, well-tolerated and appears a promising potential treatment for OCD. The L-OFC represents the most promising target based on clinical changes, though the effects on OCD symptoms were not statistically significant compared to sham. SMA stimulation showed lesser signs of promise. Further investigation of tDCS in OCD is warranted, to determine the optimal stimulation protocol (current, frequency, duration), longer-term effectiveness and brain-based mechanisms of effect. If efficacy is substantiated, consideration of home-based approaches represents a rational next step.
  • The prevalence of mental ill-health in women during pregnancy and after childbirth during the Covid-19 pandemic: a systematic review and Meta-analysis. [Journal Article]
    BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2023 Jan 28; 23(1):76.Delanerolle G, McCauley M, … Phiri P
  • CONCLUSIONS: It is important to note that studies included in this review used a range of outcome measures which does not allow for direct comparisons between findings. Most studies reported self-reported measure of symptoms without clinical diagnoses so conclusions can be made for symptom prevalence rather than of mental illness. The importance of managing mental health during pregnancy and after-delivery improves the quality of life and wellbeing of mothers hence developing an evidence-based approached as part of pandemic preparedness would improve mental health during challenging times.
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