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(Apo Imipramine)
12 results
  • Pre-clinical study of 21 approved drugs in the mdx mouse. [Journal Article]
    Neuromuscul Disord. 2011 May; 21(5):313-27.Carre-Pierrat M, Lafoux A, … Ségalat L
  • Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a genetic disease caused by the absence of functional dystrophin, remains without adequate treatment. Although great hopes are attached to gene and cell therapies, identification of active small molecules remains a valid option for new treatments. We have studied the effect of 20 approved pharmaceutical compounds on the muscles of dystrophin-deficient mdx5Cv mice. The…
  • Fas/CD95/Apo-I activates the acidic sphingomyelinase via caspases. [Journal Article]
    Cell Death Differ. 1998 Jan; 5(1):29-37.Brenner B, Ferlinz K, … Gulbins E
  • Fas/CD95/Apo-I has been shown to stimulate a variety of molecules including several members of the caspase family and the acidic sphingomyelinase (Martin and Green 1995; Gulbins et al, 1995). Here, we demonstrate that Fas receptor-triggered activation of the acidic sphingomyelinase, consumption of sphingomyelin, release of ceramide, and subsequent activation of JNK and p38-K are regulated by casp…
  • Cardiogenic shock with imipramine. [Journal Article]
    Indian J Psychiatry. 1990 Oct; 32(4):364-5.Chaudhury S, Augustine M
  • A 35 years old physically healthy individual, being treated far depression with imipramine and electroplexy, developed cardiogenic shock which was managed successfully with inotropic support. The case is presented to highlight a rare and potentially fatal side effect of tricyclic anti-depressants.
  • Species differences in hepatic microsomal drug-metabolizing enzymes. [Journal Article]
    Pol J Pharmacol Pharm. 1988 Jul-Aug; 40(4):351-6.Danek L, Nocoń H, … Melzacka M
  • The activity of some metabolizing enzymes was assessed in the liver microsomes of Acomys cahirinus, mice and rats. The enzymatic studies were followed by the determination of cerebral level of apomorphine (APO), imipramine (IMI) and its metabolite desipramine (DMI) of animals treated with a single dose of APO or IMI. It was found that the level of cytochrome P-450 and the activity of IMI demethyl…
  • Behavioural pharmacology of imidazole, a potential antidepressant agent. [Journal Article]
    Arch Int Pharmacodyn Ther. 1985 Oct; 277(2):303-12.Ferrari F
  • Imidazole (IMID) inhibited (+/-) N-n-propylnorapomorphine (NPA) and BHT-920 induced penile erections (PE) and stretching and yawning (SY) in rats as well as apomorphine (APO) induced hypothermia in mice, enhanced shock-elicited aggressiveness in rats and antagonized sleep induced by clonidine in chicks. IMID moreover displayed activity in behavioural tests used in specific screening for antidepre…
  • CGP 4718 A, a new potential antidepressant with a dual mode of action. [Journal Article]
    Eur J Pharmacol. 1984 Dec 15; 107(1):79-89.Waldmeier PC, Tipton KF, … Maitre L
  • CGP 4718 A (4-[5-chloro-benzofuranyl-2-]-1-methylpiperidine HCl) was found to inhibit MAO A preferentially in vitro in a competitive manner. Assessment of its in vivo effects by an ex vivo approach showed it to be a relatively weak, reversible inhibitor of MAO A. There were also effects on MAO B but they were inferior by a factor of about 10. The onset of the inhibitory effects in rat liver and b…
  • Striatal dopamine autoreceptors uninfluenced by chronic administration of antidepressants. [Journal Article]
    Eur J Pharmacol. 1982 Aug 27; 82(3-4):173-8.Holcomb HH, Bannon MJ, Roth RH
  • Dopamine (DA) receptor sensitivity to apomorphine (APO) was assessed in the rat nigrostriatal system following chronic antidepressant treatment. Imipramine (IMI), iprindole (IPR) or vehicle was administered to rats for 10 days (10 mg/kg i.p., b.i.d.). Two and a half days after the last injection 3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid (DOPAC) levels were measured in rat striata following injection of APO …
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